4E NPC 00023 – Mari (human female), fishmonger

Occupation: Every morning she comes to the towns’ west gate with her cart load of fresh, smoked and salted fish, and departs by the east gate in mid afternoon. Her prices are reasonable and the quality is good.

Physical Description: A tiny, modestly dressed, power house of a woman with a very loud voice.

Attributes/Skills: She is a skilled merchant and knows her fish. She is also surprisingly strong and is a capable fighter.

Values/Motivations: Supporting what remains of her family is most important.

Behavior: She is loud, brash, and outgoing. In quite moments she looks lost.

Useful Knowledge: She knows ritual magic and a ritual to preserve and purify foodstuffs.

Mannerism: She interjects shouts of “Fish, Fresh Fish for sale” into conversation.

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