NaNoWriMo Thoughts

It's been some time sense I last posted anything real here (2009/06/01 as a matter of fact). So many things I have missed commenting on:
Mega Dungeons
RPGBloggers Controversy

However I am not goning to comment on any of those today.

Today I am thinking about NaNoWriMo and what I might do during November.
I am Tempted to use that time to actually do a write up of "My Campaign World" which I call "The Living Lands": A world suffering from a plague of Immortals into which the Players, or Heroes, are born.

The world is, save for an excel spreadsheet and a map, existing largely in my head and I do believe that it is time to commit it to "Paper". A Friend of mine did something similar last year for his world and I am rather pleased at the result.

I plan to use the very nice "How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox" guide from Bat in the Attic as a road map for the development of the document.

Places of Intrest in the Living Lands that should be covered in the Gazetteer:
  • MoonFell
  • Libraries of the Ancients
  • City of Glass
  • Tilted Tower
  • Sky Thread
  • Shattered Dome

The Races of the world that will be covered are:
  • E'tenal - a mixed population of standard PC races (elves, humans, Dragonborn etc) that were rendered childless but functionally immortal.
  • FeralKin - which includes Clawfoots, Wigs, Bigtooths, Dog-Faces and many other of the non-immortal, "Uncivilized" humanoids.
  • GreyKin - a race of Undead once noted as the greatest of Healers.
  • Plauge Dreamers - Rarely encountered diabolical undead.
The premmis of the game is that very rarely, an E'tnal will give birth to a child, who is mortal (or "Hero" as they are know) and has no normal role in society. So the Heroes are trained and set out into the world to "Make a Difference". Three major hero quests are:
  • Return the memories that were lost 691 years ago.
  • Cure the Infertility of the E'tnal
  • Remove the curse of Immortality from the E'tnal.
With much effort I do believe that I can get 50K words in 30 days (but I am not certain enough to actually sign up for it). Maybe, after some review and editing I will post a PDF of the world.

As for this blog, I want to post snippits and progress on the project. After it is done I will get back into a regular posting schedule of NPCs for Pathfinder, 4E, Traveller and Call of Cthulthu (4th edition and possibly Trail of Cthulthu).

Note: this post is a result of me committing to my self that I would spend an hour writing and this was the easiest place to start. I am also attempting to see what pace I write at and after 43 minutes I now have 519 words. Given that I need to write 1666 words a day that means that I will need to write for 2.3 hours (or improve my writing speed by 130%).