Core Concept:Conflicted Believer
Appearance:Their clothing is threadbare and poor. They are not to be bothered with worldly tasks like grooming or personal hygiene.
Personality:The drive of their faith is overwhelming; however they try to be reserved as they can be. They are vocal and forthcoming to those who would listen, persistent with those who won't.
Family:The person's family has been harmed for the persons.
Friends:None, the person has alienated all former friends.
Enemies:Themselves, the person is in constant conflict with themselves in that they wish to not have this calling, but feel almost helpless in the face of it. The Authorities and society in general also wish this person failure in their cause.
Formative Exp:A sudden traumatic event left the person with the Calling, to which they are almost helpless to resist.
Party Ties:A former friend or relative of one or more of the heroes.
Fears/Dreams:The person fears that they will never be rid of the Calling, but also fears its departure.
Hobbies/Interests:The person enjoys being alone, surrounded by plants, as the calling is not as strong.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The person will not see the cost that their actions are causing. The person cannot compromise in any way with regard to their calling.
History:The person was once acclaimed, famed or otherwise powerful until the Event caused the calling.
Home:The person is largely homeless. Though they do have a few places to shelter.
Relationships:The person fails in most relationships, the calling is uncompromising. The callings tenets are acceptable to only a few.
Agendas:The calling demands converts, the person wishes to reduce the calling so that they might return to some semblance of normalcy.
Motivation:The calling wants everyone to believe with the same conviction as the person. The person wishes respite from the calling.
Plot Hook 1:The person disrupts a social event that the Heroes are participating in.
Plot Hook 2:The person wishes to understand the true nature of the calling with the assistance of the Heroes.
Plot Hook 3:An interested authority wishes harm upon the person.
Plot Hook 4:The people, along with a large number of well armed or intentioned fellow believers, are approaching. The heroes' intervention could prevent a bad situation from escalating.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.



Core Concept:Corrupted, spendthrift Authority
Appearance:Fashionable clothes that are a bit dated, well kept appearance gone just a bit "Shaggy". They are attractive but "haggard/tired" looking.
Personality:False genuinely, quickly shifts to slyness and conniving.
Family:Broken, discordant, and failing on all fronts.
Friends:None, actions of the person has alienated all former friends.
Enemies:Professional rivals wish harm to this person.
Formative Exp:The person was mostly honest until a recent extortion pushed their financial and home state into ruin.
Party Ties:This person has some authority over the Heroes.
Fears/Dreams:Ruin is their greatest fear, followed closely by exposure. This person has vague dreams of a return to their prior state and status.
Hobbies/Interests:Watching Idol, decadent, vacuous entertainment.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:This person cannot see beyond the immediate situation/crisis. They cannot tolerate dishonesty in others.
History:There was a time when this person was more successful, more honest, but the extortion and ruin has left very deep scars personally and professionally.
Home:A new, possibly romantic relationship has started for the person.
Relationships:Cautious, controlled, and planned.
Agendas:To restore status, by most any means possible.
Motivation:Greed and the fear of further loss drive this person.
Plot Hook 1:The person wishes to change, come clean, and needs the Hero's assistance in minimizing the damage.
Plot Hook 2:This person sees the Heroes as a tool to improve their status and will recruit their assistance by almost any means.
Plot Hook 3:The person needs the Heroes assistance removing evidence of wrong doing that a third party has. The payoff for the heroes may be hollow and unsatisfying.
Plot Hook 4:The persons' new romantic interest has doubts about the person and illicit the help of the heroes in confirming their suspicions. The romantic interest may then need the Heroes protection from the wrath of the person.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.



Core Concept:Impulsive student.
Appearance:Fresh faced, trendy clothes, stylish hair, piercing eyes.
Personality:Greedy for knowledge, impatient with the "System", looking for a short cut to wisdom.
Family:This person has fallen out of favor with their family.
Friends:Other students. This person spends much time in discussion with their peers in the open areas of this place of learning.
Enemies:A fellow older student, who has seen what they consider to be their favor swing to this person.
Formative Exp:This person was a bit of a uninspired dullard, board with the world until a mysterious encounter ignited their mind and imagination.
Party Ties:The heroes may be or have been the subjects of this person's researches.
Fears/Dreams:Dreams of learning the truth, depth and totality of a subject. They fear a return to their previous state.
Hobbies/Interests:Competes in games involving trivia about trivial subjects.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:This person cannot see the negative gossip that surrounds them. This person cannot stand to see their achievement go unrecognized.
History:Prior to the mysterious encounter, this person never had ambition, or a creative thought.
Home:This person's home is filled with books, diagrams, thoughts and friends.
Relationships:This person has unreserved openness and energy with everyone they meet.
Agendas:The person feels blocked in their advancement by small and petty system.
Motivation:Feelings of worthlessness chase this person, forcing them to strive to prove them not true.
Plot Hook 1:This person desires the assistance of the Heroes in overcoming obstacles, both real and perceived.
Plot Hook 2:This person's enemies wish professional, possibly physical harm to the person, to which the Heroes may be asked to assist or prevent (or at least witness too).
Plot Hook 3:The Heroes are witness to a rather heated conflict between the person and superior.
Plot Hook 4:The person has got it wrong, but requests the heroes help to try and make it otherwise.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.



Core Concept:Maimed Fighter
Appearance:Noticeably disabled, dressed in ill-fitting second hand clothes, well kept as possible.
Personality:Optimistic and outgoing. They try to be a friend to everyone.
Family:The spouse is happy to have the person alive, but is dissatisfied with the current economic situation.
Friends:Eight of Swords: Relaxation, new beginnings possible, freedom
Enemies:Anyone who enables combat and the vanquishing enemies.
Formative Exp:A third person recued and assisted greatly in this person's recovery.
Party Ties:This person may be the former henchman of an opponent to the Heroes.
Fears/Dreams:Fears Betrayal, Desires to be left alone by their former combat companions.
Hobbies/Interests:Learning and teaching, through those, come peace.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:Cannot stand warmongers and hawks, is now denies the fact that there are times when armed struggle is required.
History:The persons own inaction in combat resulted in their current condition and the alienation of former cohorts.
Home:The spouse wishes to better the situation, but the person is unwilling to return to their former career even though it would be much more profitable than what they are currently doing.
Relationships:Generous, and helpful, but abhors those that are violent or promote violence.
Agendas:To stop the coming war, and end the current one.
Motivation: The disability has caused hardship, and wants to prevent others from suffering the same fate (or worse).
Plot Hook 1:The Heroes encounter this person lambasting some hawks in a public forum.
Plot Hook 2:This person is without wealth and seeks the Heroes' assistance in alleviating the problem.
Plot Hook 3:The person is active in a situation in which their disability is unusually pronounced, the heroes may be asked to assist (or hinder) by a third person.
Plot Hook 4:In desperation the person has partially rejoined their former career, but will not react with violence, which may cause problems.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.



Core Concept:Merchant
Appearance:Older clothes, disheveled appearance, unattractive manner.
Personality:Cautious, hesitating, and overly inoffensive.
Family:Large and fractured.
Friends:Fellow merchants, and clients of long standing.
Enemies:A competitor who believes that the person is out to destroy them.
Formative Exp:A distant attempt at success failed spectacularly and has left the person afraid of ruin.
Party Ties:The heroes could commission a work. Alternatively they be hired by the person to assist in a task.
Fears/Dreams:Fears ruin. They dream of success.
Hobbies/Interests:Tries to learn about customers to anticipate their needs. They love small animals.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:Cannot see that the Enemy is trying to cause them harm, Will abandon a plan if failure looks likely.
History:A kind benefactor helped the person in the past. Over caution has led to their current situation.
Home:The spouse is unhappy with the current situation and the persons' over cautious nature.
Relationships:Treats every new customer as a friend, and will go out of their way to help them.
Agendas:To become successful in business.
Motivation: Fear of failure
Plot Hook 1:A third person is intending to cause harm to the person.
Plot Hook 2:The spouse of the person is forcing them to take a risk that they do not want to.
Plot Hook 3:The Enemy is agitating against the person.
Plot Hook 4:The heroes have an item that a client of the person desires.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.



Core Concept:A Busy Body
Appearance:New clothing, middle aged, and somewhat out of place.
Personality:Tries to make everyone's life better even though they have failed to do so for themselves.
Family:A moment of indecision resulted in the ruin of their family.
Friends:Powerful and wealthy.
Enemies:A former target of this persons "Assistance", which resulted in loss for the target, is seeking to cause harm to the person.
Formative Exp:A spectacular success of the persons' actions in the distant past has given the person an unfounded confidence that everyone is in need of their "Assistance" in all matters.
Party Ties: One or more heroes are victims of this person's assistance.
Fears/Dreams:Dreams of finding a soul mate. They hopes to help everyone achieve happiness.
Hobbies/Interests:Collects Gossip, and dispenses the same with little regard to the recipient.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:Cannot stand to see someone unhappy, and will assist them with poor advice and badly chosen words.
History:The person has lost much in the way of material wealth and possessions. The feelings of Happiness and contentment that were once common place now elude the person.
Home:The person is in a new romantic relationship, but the "assistance" rendered to others is causing problems that the person is unable to fix.
Relationships:Five of Wands: Harmony, new opportunities, generosity
Agendas:To help everyone.
Motivation:To make the world a better place despite all the failures.
Plot Hook 1:The heroes encounter the Person in the company of a con-artist who has made the person a target.
Plot Hook 2:The heroes attend a "match making" event sponsored by the person, where the person attempts to match them up with exactly the wrong person.
Plot Hook 3:The person approaches the Heroes, asking for assistance with their current relationship which is failing. Horrid suggestions as to a remedy with be given by the Person.
Plot Hook 4:The romantic partner of the person wants the Person to change their ways and needs the Heroes help to do so.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.



Core Concept:Tourist.
Appearance:Foreign attire, poor understating of local language/customs. Alien/shocking in appearance.
Personality:Confused, out of sorts, distracted.
Family:Artists or crafters whose reputation has suffered due to a decline in quality.
Friends:None, the person has alienated most people due to suspicion on their part.
Enemies:A former romantic interest who the person feels wronged them.
Formative Exp:This ineptitude of this person has caused the decline in the family's reputation.
Party Ties:The Heroes come upon the person in a state of helplessness, where the person is unable to function in the current situation.
Fears/Dreams:Dreams of success, Fears failure, which is frequent due to the person's desire to "short cut" the system.
Hobbies/Interests:Enjoys new experiences and novelty. They collect trinkets of no value other than sentimental.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:Cannot see their own incompetence, that their shortsightedness is causing problems to themselves.
History:A hidden, yet spectacular failure in the recent past cause conflict with the Enemy and is the cause of the journey to this foreign land.
Home:The person is unwelcome in their homeland, and the current obsession with the enemy is making them unwelcome in this one.
Relationships:Lack of understanding and communication is causing much friction to those around the person. A personal sense of entitlement is also not helping them.
Agendas:To vanquish the enemy and return home with the reputation re-instated.
Motivation: Though obsessed with the enemy, the person is indecisive about the method to archive their goals.
Plot Hook 1:The person gloms on to one of the Heroes who understand their language/customs as a translator/assistant.
Plot Hook 2:Without usable currency, the heroes encounter the person in a situation where they are unable to render restitution for goods/servers that were given.
Plot Hook 3:An agent of the enemy attempts to misinform the Heroes about the Person.
Plot Hook 4:The Heroes become involved in the person's sightseeing expedition/recon on the Enemy.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.



Core Concept:Grafter/Swindler
Appearance:Suspicious, blandly dressed.
Personality:Twofaced, friendly on one side, ruthless and conniving on the other.
Family:The extensive family mostly realized the true nature of the person and keeps them at a distance.
Friends:Disloyal sycophants, thieves and other swindlers. None of whom the person trusts.
Enemies:A wealthy patron, who enjoys fine arts and collecting. This third person was to be a target, but saw through them and caused harm to the person.
Formative Exp:During youth the person's family moved from place to place frequently. This produced few ties and fewer consequences for poor choices made by the person. The persons Desires were constantly denied due to resource shortages.
Party Ties:The Heroes know of the Person third hand through their actions and how it affected the third party.
Fears/Dreams:Dreams of becoming "Rich Enough", but doesn't wish to do so through normal channels. They abhor violence.
Hobbies/Interests:Collects extortion material "just in case" but has never had need to use it.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:If he Legal Authorities become involved the person will leave for a distant location with all due speed.
History:Being the recipient of several cons, a desire for easy wealth, have made this person who they are.
Home:Transitory, and ephemeral. They are ready to move on at a moment's notice.
Relationships:Everyone this person meets is either a target, or a co-conspirator.
Agendas:To gain "Enough Wealth", To engage in the "Big Swindle".
Motivation:To eventually get out of the game before it's too late.
Plot Hook 1:A former victim of the Person desires the Heroes' help in gaining Justice/Restitution from the person, if they can be found.
Plot Hook 2:The person, has had enough, and wishes the aid of the Heroes help in destroying the power of the Person's current master.
Plot Hook 3:The Person has a job for the Heroes as a part of the latest plan. The proposed payoff is disproportionally large, but really be a "taste of ashes" at best.
Plot Hook 4:The heroes happened to be in the same place as the Person, their current victim, and a former victim who is out to cause harm to the Person in as expedient a fashion as possible.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.



Core Concept:Leader
Appearance:Well kept, professionally but modestly dressed, confident.
Personality:Stoic, private, inspirational.
Family:Their family was destroyed violently.
Friends:The close circle of friends have their own addenda, often contrary to the Person's, and spend much of their time undermining the Persons' work. The Person believes in them a bit too blindly.
Enemies:A just authority whom the Person believes to be either unjust or unlawful.
Formative Exp:From a wealthy family that was destroyed violently.
Party Ties:The person is seeking the Heroes for use, first as tools, latter as advisors.
Fears/Dreams:Of a better world, possibly without the Enemy. Certainly with the Enemy's plans/polices diminished or removed.
Hobbies/Interests:Carousing with friends.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The actions of close friends are unknowable to him and will not hear of ill of them.
History:The person's rage against the Enemy has been growing for a long time, and has finally come to a head. The Enemy is believed by the person to be ultimately responsible for the demise of their family.
Home:Transitory until the issues with the Enemy are resolved.
Relationships:Those that are not friends are tools to the goal. Those who will not be tools are either irrelevant or Enemies.
Agendas:Agitation against the Authority, dissolution of the authority's power and influence.
Motivation:A possibly misguided sense of Justice, and a belief that the Authority can only be changed through destruction.
Plot Hook 1:The person is convinced of the need of the Heroes or their possessions. The person will be surprised if the request is rebuked, and may take further, more extreme actions to force compliance with the request.
Plot Hook 2:The Authority requests assistance in dealing with the person.
Plot Hook 3:A chance meeting with the person, while traveling, results in interaction between the person and the Heroes. The agent for the Authority becomes involved as some point.
Plot Hook 4:A third person requests assistance from the Heroes in reconciling the differences between the Authority and the Person.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.



Core Concept:A romantic.
Appearance:Youthful, educated, and evocatively dressed.
Personality:Is searching for "Love" in all the wrong ways, shallow, outgoing, has many romantic partners, yet is uncommitted to any of them. They get bored easily.
Family:Parents are dead, and no siblings.
Friends:Aside from the many romantic interest, their only distant friends are co-workers and ephemeral routine acquaintances.
Enemies:The person has innumerable former romantic interests who all feel hurt by the alienation of affection by this person.
Formative Exp:Experienced overwhelming love at too early an age, it ended tragically and finally which has left them to try and replicate the experience throughout their life.
Party Ties:This person may well have been a romantic interest to one of the Heroes at an earlier time, but their faithlessness cause the Hero emotional harm.
Fears/Dreams:Fears that they will never find "True Love".
Hobbies/Interests:Sensuality in all forms. They are a talented Amateur artist.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The negative emotional state of a partner is unknowable to the person. An insistence on fatefulness will cause the person to attempt to alienate the partner.
History:The person does still have a few former romantic interests that will look out for the person if asked. Though most never want to see the person again. A few wish the person harm. Two are taking action to cause harm.
Home:A very nice dwelling filled with all thing beautiful, many of which were either gifts from, or taken from former romantic partners.
Relationships:For the newly formed romantic relationship, that person is treated and indulged grandly. As the relationship ages the fire burns quickly and is soon extinguished, and can end very badly. Casual friends are kept light and fun.
Agendas:To gain beautiful things to add to the person's collection regardless the cost; To find "True Love" regardless the cost.
Motivation:The person is seeking the Romantic ideal of "True Love" as often and as frequently as possible, Without regard for others. With each failure, the drive becomes stronger, the next relationship more intense, shorter, and the disillusionment more severe.
Plot Hook 1:A hero is becomes the next focus of the person.
Plot Hook 2:A former romantic partner tries to involve the HEROS in a plot to cause the person some degree of harm.
Plot Hook 3:A current romantic interest believes that one or more of the HEROS is the target of the person's romantic interest and is intent upon preventing that from happening.
Plot Hook 4:The person needs protection from one or more former romantic interests who cannot let go.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.



Here is the first in a line of VERY generic NPCs. They are but a framework of personality and situation from which you can gain inspiration.
Core Concept:Cautious Student
Appearance:Shorter, fresh out of college. Their hair is somewhat unkempt. Their dress is precise, if conservative clothing.
Personality:Full of ideas, but conveys them with a weak voice. Often defers to a veteran authority even when the authority is wrong.
Family:Newly married.
Friends:Large extended circle of academic friends who share similar experiences.
Enemies:The immediate superior or mentor to this person is a constant nemesis, having vetoed their ideas, placed barriers to plans and goals.
Formative Exp:Has been constantly held back by the well meaning mentor.
Party Ties:Through the interaction with the PLOT this person hopes to gain the success that the mentor denned.
Fears/Dreams:Of a happy family life, fears that the Mentor will continue their interference.
Hobbies/Interests:Enjoys activities with the new spouse, and friends, but is looking for more excitement and action.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The person knows that the Mentor is holding them back. Is infuriated at the constant blockage but feels unable to keep the mentor from continuing their obstructive behavior.
History:The previous romantic relationship failed badly.
Home:The Mentor is beginning to overshadow the spouse who is rebelling, which is causing problems for this person.
Agendas:To find success and independence, to surpass the mentor, to gain the mentor's approval.
Motivation:The person wish to gain approval of peers and the mentor. They want to have success and fame.
Plot Hook 1:Is developing a secret plan to undermine/embarrass the Mentor and needs assistance.
Plot Hook 2:The person and their spouse need to escape from the Mentor.
Plot Hook 3:The Mentor feels that the spouse is a bad influence on the person and wishes to have them removed or their influence diminished.
Plot Hook 4:The Mentor has a new project in the works, for which the person is the primary participant. The Person wishes to co-opt the project and may involve the heroes.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.