The Party of Six: 10th Level

Storming the main compound of the Blue hand Clan went well until a particularly weaselly little goblin rogue raised the alarm. Compound defenses became much more challenging, ultimately ending in a retreat by our heroes after encountering a well entrenched Stoneface and a large number of archers setup on a balcony. They have returned to the vicinity of the shipwreck, the scent of which has been greatly enhanced by a decomposing dragon corpse. So they opt for a much more difficult perch on the cliff face.

Agninu - Stalwart Guard pg 81,Acolyte Power pg 209(switch Get over Here with Unbalancing Parry), Paragon large shield of protection (13th level).
Beck - Defensive Rally pg 149, Skill Training: Perception.
Cthic - Shadow Stride pg 122, Two Weapon Defense, Rouge's gloves (12th level)
Darrin - Resistance, pg 164; Arcane Gate pg 163, Improved Initiative, Magic +3 Dagger
Ehlin - Mass Cure Light Wounds, Improved Initiative,Rope of Climbing.

Each character receves 1680 gp and still has not had a chance to deal with the art and gems. Tje pile of left over magic items is still sizable but didn't grow at all during this level.


Leveling and Math in 4th Edition

Having leveled 5 characters up through 11 levels: keeping track of all the numbers is a big deal. If you have looked at any of the pre-generated character sheets you may have noticed all of the end-notes (all 30+ of them): This has been the only way I could keep track of all the numbers.

Now in the real world, where a player need only keep track of their character, and leveling occurs every few sessions (assuming 10 encounters, with 2-3 encounters a session, it should happen every third or fourth session); The math should not be too much of a problem. I would, however, suggest that Players keep track good notes on what effects what.

Keep in mind that I am not using A spread sheet or any other tool. Just word, calculator and CutePDF. In a better world I would have started with a spread sheet for each PC or used one of the available tools. In the perfict world, there would be a sanction WotC application that would remove all of this drugery.

This is not a complaint, just a minor venting after a full day of rolling the party through levels.


Update The Party of Six files: Cthic, Ehlin

As our heroes close in on paragon tier I found a few errors that required me to re-upload the PDF's.

Cthic 9th: There was an error in his 9th level hp.
Ehlin 9th: All attack values for all implement based powers were not updated for the new holy symbol, nor was it's title, though the body text was correct.



The Party of Six: 9th Level

In the morning, the party was awakened by a rather unhappy Adult Black Dragon, after a botched attempt to parlay a rather intense skirmish broke out. The party was victorious, but Agninu and Ehlin were taken down but not killed. Two new suits of armor and a shiny Holy symbol were found after a good bit of swimming. The balance of the day was spent cleaning out a forward outpost of the Blue Hand Clan. During the interrogations, the identity of the clans leader, Alisha Stoneface, was learned.

Agninu - Thicket of Blades pg 80,Amulet of Protection +3 pg 249
Beck - Knock Them Down pg 148, Black Iron Scale +2 pf 227
Cthic - Deadly Positioning pg 121, Sunleaf Leather +3 pg 231
Darrin - Ice Storm pg 163, Wall of Fire pg 163.
Ehlin - Flame Strike pg 67, Symbol of Battle +2 pg 237

Each party member receives 1360 gp; though they still have yet to liquidate the Art and gems from last time. Beck's Razor Scale +1 goes into party treasure, as does Cthic's Deathcut Leather +1, and Ehlin's Symbol of Hope +1.


The Party of Six: 8th Level

Harborhearth is certainly the largest place our heroes have ever seen, and it is not to Agninu's liking, nor are the city jails. The party has however, found the strong hold of the Blue Hand Clan and are currently resting in an abandoned shipwreck after a long days fight, mostly against Orc's Ogres, and a particularly nasty Dead Tree Dryad and her human lackeys.

Agninu - Str, Cha; Novice Power pg 209 (swap: Crushing Blow for Disruptive Strike pg 106)
Beck - Str, Wis; Improved Initiative pg 198; Diadem of Acuity (8th level) pg 248;
Cthic - Dex, Con; Defensive Mobility pg 194;
Darrin - Int, Wis; Astral Fire pg 193; Ghostphase Cloth +2
Ehlin - Wis, Cha; Light Step pg 198; Handy Haversack

Each person receives 330 gp, and the following is placed into the party treasure: 2 x 500gp rubies, 4 x 100gp pearls, 5 matched paintings of elemental chaos (250 gp each), 3 tombs of great antiquity (250 gp each) that deal with the politics of a forgotten Eldrin Nation, Finally a pair of sending stones were also acquired.

Additionally, Darrins old suit of Bloodthread Cloth Armor +1 goes into the recycling pile.


Updated The Party of Six files

The very kind Gregor LeBlaque pointed out that I had miss-calculated the Hp by using the Con bonus instead of the Con Score, resulting in lower Bloodied and Healing Surge values.
I have re-pushed the following pre-gen character PDF's

Agninu - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th.
Beck - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th.
Cthic - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th.
Darrin - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th.
Ehlin - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th.

The character sheets rolling forward should be more accurate and of a more compact format.

All characters have been updated.

Thank you,

The Party of Six: 7th Level

The party has finally meshed (aside from a few friendly jabs from Cthic "Human, dying was the best thing to happen to you"). They were able to deftly deal with the many encounters (primarily Orc bandits and a murder of griffon's) on the road from the Crossroads Village to Harbor Hearth.

Agninu - Reckless Strike pg 80,
Beck - Surround Foe pg 148, Lifedrinker longsword +2 pg 235
Cthic -Sand in the Eyes pg 121, Elven Cloak +2 pg 250, Dynamic Belt pg 253
Darrin -Lightning Bolt pg 162, Wand of fiery bolt +2 pg 243
Ehlin - Searing Light pg 66,
Each person receives 720 gp.

For saving her hide, Ehlin gifted the Dynamic Belt to Cthic, as it would be of greater use to him than her.


The Party of Six: 6th Level

The Goblin Queen and her Teifling consort are dead. When policing the bodies the party discovered documents that indicate that the Blue Hand Clan's power center is in Harborhearth. Not surprisingly there was no sign of the Heart of the Beloved.

Agninu - Unbreakable pg 80, Lethal Hunter , Mountain Plate +2, pg 231
Beck - Guide the Charge pg 147, Alertness
Cthic - Mob Mentality pg 120, Skill Training (Intimidate), Dragon Slayer Shortsword +2, pg 233
Darrin - Invisibility pg 162, Dispel Magic pg 162, Action Surge, Amulet of Protection +2, pg 249
Ehlin -Bastion of Health pg 66, Group Insight feat, Resounding Mace +2, pg 249
Each also received 475 gp, Though, Beck and Cthic have decided to send their share home to their spouses.

Agninu's old suit of Battle Forged Plate +1 goes back into the party treasure. The Rituals of Enchant Item and Disenchant Magic Item were acquired from the Teifling consort and may be put to use on some of the party leftovers.