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I am placing "The Party of Six" character pregens on hold for a week as I am traveling on business.
I will try to post something vaguely interesting during this week but who knows.
I hope to pick the series back up Sept 1.



The Party of Six: 5th Level

While leaving the Crossroads The Party of Six stopped to visit with the Starving Rock. Though Agninu amused it with threats of violence (and was knocked over by the chuckle), the party did secure a promise of a prophesy upon completion of a quest: find the heart of it's beloved. They then proceeded to the Den of the Goblin queen.
There they faced several nasty encounters, though mostly with the goblins.
Agninu is vastly more subdued and now works well with both Beck and Cthic, creating opportunities for them to excel rather than basking in her own glory.

Agninu -
Vicious Longsword+2, Dizzying Blow pg 79
Beck - Light shield of Defiance, Stand of the Fallen pg 147
Cthic - Walking Wounded pg 120
Darrin - Bloodthread +1, Fireball pg 161, Icy Grasp pg 161
Ehlin - Weapon of the Gods pg 65

The Shadowfell gloves go into the party treasure, as Darrin really doesn't like the looks of them and Ehlin won't touch them. The party also acquired the Ritual "Knock". The party aslo decided to create an operating reserve fund of 1280 gp.


The Party of Six: 4th Level

The heroes finally faced down "Big Boy" and his goblin cohorts. Though the party won the battle, Agninu was immolated before the rest of the team could close. Despite Cthic's protests, Darrin persuaded the team to have her raised at the crossroad village. She came back... different.

Agninu - Str, Dex; Warrior of the Wild (took heal and received Hunters Query class feature as an encounter ability).
Beck - Thunderburst crossbow +1; Str, Dex; Defensive Mobility
Cthic - Deathcut leather +1; Str, Dex; Enlarged Dragon Breath
Darrin - Staff of Fiery Might +2; Int, Cha; Raging Thunder
Ehlin - Magic Chainmail +2; Wis, Str; Skill focus (Healing)
265gp each.

The Sylvan Leather was sold to Cthzag for 136gp, as was Agninu's Axe for 168gp. These proceeds were spent, along with 374gp of Agninu's wealth to get her raised.

Notes: feats added, stats awarded (but not adjusted).


The Party of Six: Files Updated

When I got to fourth level I ran into a problem remembering all of the math that went into each particular attribute and skill. So to give myself a little help I added endnotes to the document to detail the calulations that went into each value.
I have updated all of the associated PDF along with a number spelling and typo errors. The old links now link to the new files.
We shall try and continue with the 4th level instances tomorrow.



The Party of Six: 3rd Level

Life in the Party of Six has become shouting matches punctuated by occasional fights, sometimes even with Kobolds and their Goblin allies. The most dramatic verbal sparing matches have been between Agninu and Cthic (with Beck chuckling in the background).
The tiny kobold mage "Big Boy" remains elusive, having abandoned his followers to the Party, he fled into the night, presumably into the arms of the Goblin Queen.

Agninu - Horned Helm; Crushing Blow
Beck - Boots of Spider Climbing; Steel Monsoon
Cthic - Sylvan leather +1; Topple Over
Darrin - Fire Shroud
Ehlin - Split the sky.
208 gp each

The Everlasting Provisions goes into Party treasure along with "Agninu's Axe".


The Party of Six: 2nd Level

Our adventuring company, tracking the "Blue Hand Clan", stumbled upon a fortified cavern nest of Koblods. In the battles that followed Agninu preferred to charge headlong into targets, sometimes dragging Beck along. Her rash style has caused some strife amongst Darrin's friends Cthic and Beck. In interrogating a lone survivor the Company has discovered that "Big Boy" (a shrimp of a Kobold mage) is the leader of local branch of the Clan.

Agninu - Battleforged Plate +1, Takes Powerful charge and "Get over Here" utility.
Beck - Razor Scale +1, Armor Proficiency (scale) and Aid the Injured utility.
Cthic - Potion of Healing, Backstabber feat and Tumble utility.
Darrin - Human male wizard; Alertness, Expeditious retreat and Shield utility's.
Ehlin - Symbol of Hope +1; Human Perseverance and Cure Light wounds utility.
134 gp to each party member.

The Battle Axe of Terror +1 remains in party treasure along with a 100gp pearl until the party can decide what to do with them. (Agninu REALLY wants the Axe).


The Party of Six: 1st Level

Agninu, with assistance from her uncle Darrin forms the adventuring company to destroy the rampaging Blue Hand Clan.

1st Level

Agninu - Human female fighter
Beck - Eldrin male warlord
Cthic - Dragonborn female rouge
Darrin - Human male wizard
Ehlin - Half-elf female cleric of Pellor.

Tomorrow: 2nd Level.


NPC A Day presents 4E Pre-Generated PC's

Over the next thirty days I will be presenting "The Party of Six": A five member adventuring team formed around the parties' fighter, Agninu's quest for revenge against the Blue Hand Clan for the death of her brother Zeth. I will provide links to PDFs for each character at each level.

As a preview, here is the founder: Agninu.


4E NPC 00028 – Olam (Human, Male), a laborer

Occupation: Olam is a day laborer, doing odd jobs around town as needed.

Physical Description: Olam is a handsome man of about 30 years, with brown hair, piercing green eyes and a well developed physic. He is unmarried and unattached, and, thus the source of much conversation amongst the ladies of the town.

Attributes/Skills: Olam has no skills other than having a strong back and looking good while working.

Values/Motivations: Olam has turned his back on his previous life and is hiding here in the town. He wishes to remain alone to the end of his days.

Behavior: First thing at every job: he removes his shirt. He will flee any fight.

Useful Knowledge: Olam knows his past but is not telling. He has avoided learning anything about the town.

Mannerism: He avoids eye contact at all times.


4E NPC 00027 – Onis (Human Female), wife of Brethen, worker at the Stumbling Horse.

Occupation: Cook, cleaner, maid, and generally haggard mother of 3 teenage girls.

Physical Description: A very tired woman well beyond her prime. She wears basic clothing that is a bit frayed and stained.

Attributes/Skills: She is an excellent cook, when she has time, but between maintain the inn, keeping tabs on her girls, and keeping up with her husband.

Values/Motivations: She loves her family and the inn, and will protect them with her life.

Behavior: Though on the edge of exhaustion she is always pleasant and exuberant.

Useful Knowledge: She feigns ignorance at anything she doesn’t want to talk about.

Mannerism: She has a very shrill laugh.


4E NPC 00026 – Nul, (Elemental Colossus, Stone) a.k.a. The Starving Rock

Occupation: None. This creature was chained to the heart rock of the land more than a 100,000 years ago.
Physical Description: A massive vaguely humanoid statue buried chest high in the ground. Even so its 20 foot high head towers over the surrounding farms fields. His voice is like rolling thunder.
Attributes/Skills: Nul, has a gift for prophecy. As a beyond epic creature it is able to do just about anything except free it’s self.
Values/Motivations: After the loss of its partner due to quarrying some 50,000 years ago Nul has given up hope, stopped eating and no longer attempts to free it’s self.
Behavior: Nul is normally content to watch the hills erode; however, should something new present itself, Nul head will turn to follow it.
Useful Knowledge: Nul, has a very detailed knowledge of all the happenings from horizon to horizon for the last 100 Millennia.
: When asked a question the massive boulder of a head will tip to one side.


4E NPC 00025 – Nancia (Human Female), Matriarch of the Starving Rock Farm

Occupation: She runs the modestly successful plantation of Starving Rock with an iron fist. The workers and children know to never cross her or question her orders. Under no circumstances will they approach the Starving Rock, though Sue-Ellen will often ask it questions.

Physical Description: She is an average looking woman of average build wearing nondescript clothing. Though, she does keep her nails clean and razor sharp.

Attributes/Skills: She knows how she runs the farm, and is quite the tyrant about it.

Values/Motivations: She is desperately lonely but has no time for socializing. Management of the farm takes all of her time.

Behavior: She will give orders expecting them to be obeyed without question.

Useful Knowledge: She knows the recent history (the last century or so) of the Starving Rock. She has only talked to it once, as a young girl, and what it told her changed her destiny.

Mannerism: She punctuates all instructions with a shaking fist.


4E NPC 00024 – Mavo (human male), bar stool warmer at the Stumbling Horse

Occupation: Mavo is considered the “bouncer” for the Stumbling Horse though his duties have not been exercised in over 2 years.

Physical Description: An aging large, dull eyed man dressed in simple stained and smelly clothes.

Attributes/Skills: Once a scholar of some ability and reputation, though much of his skill was lost in the accident he is still well versed on ancient history.

Values/Motivations: He drinks to stop the nightmares when he sleeps.

Behavior: Despite his addiction, he does try to keep a watchful eye on the tavern, and will tolerate no disruption or violence.

Useful Knowledge: He is well acquainted with all of the Horses’ regular patrons and is more than willing to make introductions if requested.

Mannerism: He quotes from the great works of literature.


4E NPC 00023 – Mari (human female), fishmonger

Occupation: Every morning she comes to the towns’ west gate with her cart load of fresh, smoked and salted fish, and departs by the east gate in mid afternoon. Her prices are reasonable and the quality is good.

Physical Description: A tiny, modestly dressed, power house of a woman with a very loud voice.

Attributes/Skills: She is a skilled merchant and knows her fish. She is also surprisingly strong and is a capable fighter.

Values/Motivations: Supporting what remains of her family is most important.

Behavior: She is loud, brash, and outgoing. In quite moments she looks lost.

Useful Knowledge: She knows ritual magic and a ritual to preserve and purify foodstuffs.

Mannerism: She interjects shouts of “Fish, Fresh Fish for sale” into conversation.


4E NPC 00022 – Kas (Human, Female), Doomed Teenage Romantic

Occupation: Daughter of the Town Lord, and a hopeless romantic.

Physical Description: An attractive, young girl with lighter blondish hair and stylish clothing.

Attributes/Skills: She is an excellent speaker, aside from the fact that she prefers to quote rather bad flowery poetry.

Values/Motivations: Kas is obsessed by the concept of Romantic love and tries to “fall in love” with any passing hansom male Human, Elf or Eldrin. Behavior: She will “quest” a target with some trivial/impossible quest and then flit away.

Useful Knowledge: She is connected to the local court.

Mannerism: She rests her arm across her forehead and sighs in mock despair.


4E NPC 00021 – Knight the Cursed, Forgetful Green Knight.

Occupation: Although he has no visible means of support, he does, occasionally acts as a body guard. He has no need or ability to eat or drink and requires no air or sleep.

Physical Description: He appears to be a man in a suit of shiny green field plate armor with a rather large sword. Due to a very, very old curse, he is unable to open (even the visor) or remove the armor. The armor it’s self is very magical and has resisted any attempt to disenchant it. (secret: the armor is empty).

Attributes/Skills: He is an old school follower of Pellor and a paladin. He is more than capable at combat, though he has no memory of a time before he arrived in town.

Values/Motivations: He is tried, and still a little ticked off at his situation. He wishes to complete the quest that he is on but is unable, as he can’t remember what his quest is.

Behavior: He has learned to ignore non-pellorite and non-humans as oppose to aggressively showing them the error of their ways. He is a good friend to Gerund.

Useful Knowledge: He has about 1 century of knowledge about the town and events, but he would only share it with an interested fellow believer.

Mannerism: For whatever reason, he always stands boldly facing into the sun.


4E NPC 00020 – Jasmine, wife of Jared, baker.

Occupation: She is the primary baker in town, though, with the birth of their first child this may change.

Physical Description: She is an attractive woman of 33 years, who wears larger dresses and is rather pregnant.

Attributes/Skills: She is a devout follower of Pellor, a very competent baker, and a capable businesswoman.

Values/Motivations: He business comes first as it is a primary source of income for the family, and her new husband Jared is also very important.

Behavior: She is often seen talking to Gerund, Fastoak, and Fortunerose, sharing gossip, recopies, and distain for non-pellorites.

Useful Knowledge: She knows much about the politics within the town guards.

Mannerism: She scrubs her hands on her apron.


4E NPC 00019 – Jared (Human), Gate Watcher

Occupation: He watches the town’s east gate, allowing or denying admission to those who wish to enter.

Physical Description: On duty his is a clam man of older years, modestly armed and armored. Off duty he is usually found with his family in their house in town.

Attributes/Skills: He is a competent fighter, and a fair to poor judge of character.

Values/Motivations: His family comes first, followed closely by the safety of the town.

Behavior: He is reasonably willing to accept a “tip” to allow the likes of Cthrin into town to trade. Though he can’t seem to distinguish one dragon born from another (“All I see is scales and teeth”)

Useful Knowledge: He can always use a bit of money on the side, usually in exchange for information about the comings and goings of various persons.

Mannerism: He talks in a halting manner.


4E NPC 00018 – Isra (human), servant to Erica, Lady of the House Hassen

Occupation: Isra is in the employ of House Hassen and is, effectively chaperoning Lady Erica to ensure that she doesn’t get into or cause any trouble for the house.

Physical Description: A strong, modestly dressed woman of 27 years. She maintains an air of respectability and restraint about her at all times.

Attributes/Skills: She is always very aware of what is going on around her, and is a rather competent fighter, but is otherwise unremarkably skilled.

Values/Motivations: Her relationship with the lady is very close, but very much one of station, though Isra has enough will to make Erica stay in line. She hopes, one day to become a part of the house leadership.

Behavior: She always accompanies Erica, everywhere, and watches silently from the shadows.

Useful Knowledge: She knows a great deal about the workings of house Hassen, but would not ever divulge that information, for any reason.

Mannerism: As she watches Erica with steely eyes, she will occasionally make a shushing noise, or snap her fingers to stop Erica from doing something foolish.


4E NPC 00017 – Ipp (Imp) Watcher for the Azure Court

Occupation: Ipp is observing the town for a shadowy organization known as the Azure Court, which he has been doing for the last 127 years.

Physical Description: A small winged devil, who wears (when seen), a rather jaunty hat (bowler) and vastly oversized velvet slippers. Though most of the time he spends hiding or vanished.

Attributes/Skills: Ipp has excellent stealth skill, as well as a knowing the ritual knock and animal messenger.

Values/Motivations: Completing his master’s orders is of overriding importance, though he is getting more “playful” with the inhabitants of the town as time goes on.

Behavior: Ipp watches everyone, occasionally following “interesting” individuals for a time.

Useful Knowledge: He knows, but doesn’t understand, almost all of the secrets of the inhabitants, and much of their personal histories.

Mannerism: He likes to hid in the rafters, his chin in his hands. He also likes to steal apples whenever possible.


4E NPC 00016 – Hennaflint Hannon (Dwarf) Skilled Ironsmith

Occupation: Although she is a master weapon and a skilled armor smith, she now spends most of her time making basic farming tools.

Physical Description: When she is in public she dress in a manner befitting a well-to-do dwarf woman: Gold rings in her hair, and one of several crushed velvet dresses in bold primary colors. When she is working, she wears one of the several simple but hardy pant/shirt/leather apron outfits that she keeps in her shop.

Attributes/Skills: She is capable of forging nearly any weapon and almost any armor, given the time, materials and a design or template.

Values/Motivations: She is in business to make money and will not do charity work without a great cause.

Behavior: In business she is stoic and unexpressive, but in social settings she is outgoing and vibrant.

Useful Knowledge: She knows of Harrowsmiths plight, but is unable to aid in the matter.

Mannerism: She plays with the buttons on her clothing.


4E NPC 00015 – Harrowsmith Drumlin (Dwarf) Failing Miner

Occupation: He once operated a small coal mine some distance from town, but it is now abandoned following the disappearance of his entire family and mining crew.

Physical Description: His clothing is thread bare, and his eyes are watery.

Attributes/Skills: He, from a previous life, is very sneaky and rather adept at locks and traps. He is also an expert at mines and the dangers that lurk there in.

Values/Motivations: He is desperate to know what has become of his fellow miners, but is desperately short of resources to do so.

Behavior: He looks depressed and morose most of the time.

Useful Knowledge: He knows the lands surrounding and the layout of his mine.

Mannerism: When talking, he often wipes his eyes on his sleeve.


4E NPC 00014 – Fortunerose (Elf) Keeper of the Shrine of Pellor

Occupation: She tends and conducts ceremonies at the Shrine of Pellor on the east side of town.

Physical Description: She wears her brown hair short and dresses in simple robes. Though vaguely attractive, she is a commanding presence when speaking publicly.

Attributes/Skills: She knows many rituals, including raise dead, and is adept at healing, and agricultural magic.

Values/Motivations: Expanding the power base of Pellor’s church is of first priority. The caring of her flock is a secondary consideration.

Behavior: She will have her way, no negotiation, no bargaining, it’s her way or no way.

Useful Knowledge: She knows every individual in town and it’s surrounds areas by name. She and Gerund had an ongoing “holeyer than thou” battle of words.

Mannerism: She will scowl as non-pellorites.


4E NPC 00013 – Fastoak (Elf) Miller’s assistant.

Occupation: He works at the grist.

Physical Description: His face is scarred from burns and cuts suffered during the Battle of Green Blades. His plan clothes and unremarkable hair is often coated in flour.

Attributes/Skills: He is good with a blade and knows a healing ritual or two.

Values/Motivations: He wishes, some day to restore his home land, but otherwise makes a living slightly cheating the farmers and the local ruler.

Behavior: Now reserved and shy, he once commanded scores in battle. Given the right situation, he will take charge.

Useful Knowledge: He knows that the Miller is cheating people, but as long as he gets a cut, he is ok with the situation.

Mannerism: He has a quiet voice that sometimes lisps. He will “dust his hands off” when he is thinking.