Expanded One sentice NPC

Having seen and used the One Sentence character concept maker over on Deep in the game I decided to post a variation that I am currently using in my B5 game design:

A (personality trait) (profession/race/class as relevant), who (background event), is/must (personal goal).

Some quick examples:

  • A happy human soldier, who served in the battle of the line, is looking for revenge.
  • An anxious commoner bartender, who stole from the mob, is looking for love.
  • A sympathetic goblin sorcerer, who fought for the humans, is fighting for equality.
  • An insane dwarven craftsman, who has found the plans, is looking for the right tools.
  • A sloppy human wizard, who has lost it all, is rebuilding her gang.
Some B5 specific examples:
  • An exuberant 5th lvl Human Agent/2nd lvl soldier, who lost her husband, must find a cure.
  • A fallen 3rd lvl Mimbari (priest cast) diplomat, who fought and lost, is trying for success.
  • A sarcastic 5th lvl Human worker, who has remarried, is gathering money.
  • A faitelistic 5th lvl Centauri telepath, who has seen to much, is looking for a fix.
  • A shackeled 4th lvl Narn soldier (infantry), who fought on home world, is going to make someone pay.
  • A vile 7th lvl human worker (Office), who has pilfered, is engaged in a cover up.

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