NPC 000004 - Vejukar, Drazi scientist

Created using Mongoose Publishing Babylon 5 2nd Edition:
Vejukar, an outgoing 33year old 6th Level Drazi Scientist , who made a breakthrough must steal to survive.
Hit Points: 10
Initiative: +2
Speed: 30 ft.
DV: (+ class + Dex + feats)
Attacks: + Close combat, + ranged
Saves: Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +3
Abilities: St 16 Dx 11 Cn 9 In 14 Ws 9 Ch 8
Skills: Appraise +2, Athletics +5, Bluff -1, Computer Use +11, Concentration -1, Diplomacy -1, Intimidate -1, Intrigue -1, Investigate +11, Knowledge (Engineering) +8, Knowledge (Physics) +13, Knowledge (Astrophysics) +17, Linguistics +2, Notice +6, Profession (White Collar) +8, Subterfuge +2, Technical (Electronics) +11, Technical (Engineering) +10
Feats: Brawler, Mental Agility, Primary Area of Study (Knowledge Astrophysics), Peripheral Study(Knowledge Physics), Skill Focus(Knowledge Astrophysics), Peripheral Study (Technical Electronics), Data Access, Alien Technology Familiarity (Human), Peripheral Studies (Knowledge Engineering)
Influence: Drazi Military +6, ICO (Human Scientific) +8, Criminal +2
Standard Equipment:
Income: 6000 cr/month + graft.
-2 to Wis/Will checks to avoid combat.
History: Vejukar, made an astounding breakthrough in the field of astrophysics years ago. Recruited by ICO, he is having a hard time with the Academic "Publish or Perish" and has taken to plagiarising the work of others, and selling secrets to the competition.
He is currently paying restitution to several techs for injuries incurred during "design discussions".
Hooks: The players could either be hired by Vejukar to cover up/set behind another researchers work, or be hired by a victim to investigate and find proof of wrong doing.

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