Social Rituals: Blessing of the Fire God

Level: 6Component Cost: 1400
Category: SocialMarket Price: 3600 gp
Time: 20 minutesKey Skill: Nature/Arcana
Duration: 1 year

When begining this ritual any number of participants may assist in the casting by chanting along with the primary ritual caster: they do not need to know the ritual or be skilled in any way other than being able to speak and understand caster's instructions. For every 10 untrained participants there is a +1 accumulative modifier to the skill check.

By calling on ancient spirits/deities/primordial powers a mass of participants can ward dwellings in the affected area against normal fires. During the duration of the ritual normal fires difficult to start within dwellings and are quickly extinguished if they are started. 1 square of normal fires will be extinguished every round by the affects of this ritual. Further more the ritual imposes a -5 ritual penalty to Nature skill checks for the purposes of starting a normal fire.

Magical fires suffer a -1 ritual penalty to damage. Elemental fire creatures will also take 1 point of cold damage at the end of their turn (no save) while in the area of effect.

Check ResultRadius Protected
9 or lower1 square
10-1910 squares
20-29100 squares
30-391000 squares
40 or higher10,000 squares

Many Towns and City's make the ritual a part of spring time celebrations to prevent disastrous fires with in the confines, though it can make day to day living a bit more difficult. (See tomorrow's Indulgence of the Fire God).

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