Village of Potshearth: Overview

A tiny industrial village on the coast known for its pottery.

Population: 550 with another 230 in the country side. The people of Potshearth are humans, dwarves, dragonborn (in the highland desert), and a few halflings. A family of Eldran dwell in the castle.
Government: Mercantile Democracy, over seen by Lady Netha the regional representative for the government and leader of the towns guards. All matters of importance to the town are voted upon by those who are interested in the issue. Each person receives 1 vote. Those with a greater stake can purchase additional votes by paying 1 gp to the town for each additional vote desired. The revenue generated by purchased votes goes into the towns coffers with 10% being skimmed off to the lady and the land.
Defense: there are only 20 standing guards housed in the blue keep at any one time. Though the lady can call up to 200 militia in time of need as every able bodied person is trained in basic combat during the winter seasons.
Industry: The Kilnmasters Clan run a successful ceramics business, which is, along with some high grade olive oil from the Grovekin's orchards, are the major exports of the town. Internally the town is more than sufficient in food production with vegatables, saltrice and fish being the primary staples.Traders comming from the highland mines and further up the coast often pass through the town. Frequently small ships beach here during low tide to take on freight and an occasional passenger or two
Taverns: Blue Crock Inn; Bouncing Cup; The Blue Crock Inn Services road travelers, merchants and plays comunity center during voting times; It has a common sleeping room plus a small number of private rooms. The Bouncing cup is located on the shore and is only open when a ship has beached, and offers little more than cheep beer and a kind of warm spot to sleep it off.
Supplies: Mith acts as a coordinator between buyers and sellers. She occupies a table at the Blue Crock, though is more often seen ridding about town on her painted horse. The Blue keep is home to the only smith in town who can craft weapons or armor to order but is allowed to sell older items from the armory.
Temples: The Allshine is home to a number of priests of the various, more popular gods.

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  1. Very nice town. Personally I like more smaller towns than bigger cities - for gaming and designing - because it's easier for both DM and players and just as fun as a big city.