Asmor's Instant Dungeon: 10th level Time of War, Part 2

The Encampment.
In this adventure the PC's need to Make their way through a very old arcane stronghold to the sanctum of the Cowled Figure.
  1. [Level 14 Magic Item]: Battle Harness +3 (Dragon 368, page 64 [We Who Are About to Die...]) (DDI)
  2. [Level 13 Magic Item]: Luckblade +3 (Adventurer's Vault, page 71 [Weapons]) (DDI)
  3. [Level 12 Magic Item]: Staff of Expansion +3 (Dragon 365, page 58 [Bazaar of the Bizarre]) (DDI)
  4. [Level 11 Magic Item]: Magic Wand +3 (Player's Handbook, page 242 [Wands]) (DDI)
  5. [2800 gp]: 797 gp, 23 sp, 70 cp + 2 emerald gems (1000 gp each)
  6. [2500 gp]: 1496 gp, 31 sp, 90 cp + 1 sapphire (1000 gp)
  7. [1700 gp]: 1692 gp, 71 sp, 90 cp
  8. [1700 gp]: 693 gp, 62 sp, 80 cp + 1 sapphire (1000 gp)
  9. [800 gp]: 791 gp, 88 sp, 20 cp
  10. [600 gp]: 91 gp, 85 sp, 50 cp + 1 black pearl (500 gp)
Encounter 1: 9th Level, 2100xp; A Flaw in the Defenses.
1Flesh Golem (DDI)Level 12 Elite Brute 1400Monster Manual, page 142 (Golem)
1Redspawn Firebelcher (DDI)Level 12 Artillery 700Monster Manual, page 88 (Dragonspawn)
Tips: The Golem is charged with "Walking" the Firebelcher.
These two creatures act independently though the Firebelcher will take steps to protect the Golem when it can. The Golem will double slam and rampage it's way through the mass of attackers while the Firebelcher stays at range Bleching and blasting Fire at groups of targets.
Treasure: None

Encounter 2: 10th Level, 2700xp; The Backdoor
3Marching Hammer (DDI)Level 10 Brute 500Dungeon 161, page 76 (The Temple Between)
6Horde Ghoul (DDI)Level 13 Minion 200Monster Manual, page 118 (Ghoul)
Tips: The Hammers are protecting A lesser entrance to the compound while the Ghouls feast upon the corpses of the fallen. The Two groups act independently and with out regard for each other. The Ghouls are fond of Scaling up the near by walls and leaping upon victims. While the Hammers will charge anyone coming within 10 squares of the entrance.
Treasure: Lot 10 is mixed amongst the near by stack of corpses.

Encounter 3: 10th Level, 2700xp Security Checkpoint
1Skull Lord (DDI)Level 10 Artillery (Leader)500Monster Manual, page 236 (Skull Lord)
1Feygrove Choker (DDI)Level 12 Lurker 700Monster Manual, page 42 (Choker)
2Foulspawn Berserker (DDI)Level 9 Soldier 400Monster Manual, page 112 (Foulspawn)
2Mummy Guardian (DDI)Level 8 Brute 350Monster Manual, page 192 (Mummy)
Tips: The Lord, Berserkers and Guardians are on patrol of this area together, The Choker is acting as a spy for the Cloaked Figure. The Lord will remain at range while the Guardians and Berserkers close with the opposition. The Choker will attempt to grab and Choke or Fetter Targets that separate them selves from the larger group (specifically Artillery and Lurkers).
Treasure: Lot #2 is in a fine wooden case with the Lord.

Encounter 4: 10th Level, 2650xp Recrute Pre-Proccessing.
3Warped Ghoul (DDI)Level 10 Brute 500Dungeon 161, page 94 (Touch of Madness)
2Trap Haunt (DDI)Level 8 Lurker 350Monster Manual, page 116 (Ghost)
3Legion Devil Hellguard (DDI)Level 11 Minion 150Monster Manual, page 64 (Devil)
Tips: This vile smelling, nauseating chamber is filled with bodies of the fallen awaiting "Recruitment" in to the Cloaked Figure's Army. The Ghouls and Devils are sorting bodies into seemingly arbitrary piles. The Trap Haunts are seen drifting about looking for Living targets to Possess (Once successful one will assault the Devils until they are dead, the Other will start rummaging through the corpse piles looking for a lost possession).
Treasure: Lot #9

Encounter 5: 11th Level, 3250xp
1Swarmtongue Hydra (DDI)Level 13 Elite Skirmisher 1600Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page 213 (Draconic Parasite)
1Troll (DDI)Level 9 Brute 400Monster Manual, page 254 (Troll)
10Vampire Spawn Bloodhunter (DDI)Level 10 Minion 125Monster Manual, page 259 (Vampire)
Tips: The Troll is Preening the Hydra under the harsh eyes of the mob of Bloodhunters. When combat breaks out the Spawn will mob targets farthest from the Hydra while the troll attemps to heard the group tward the Hydra.
Treasure: Lots #7 & #8

Encounter 6: 11th Level, 3150xp; Outer Chamber of the Fiend
18Snaketongue Zealot (DDI)Level 12 Minion 175Monster Manual, page 272 (Yuan-Ti)
Tips: The Zealots are guarding the dark shrine of the Master and will fight to the death for her.
Treasure: None

Encounter 7: 11th Level, 3150xp; Sanctum of the Fallen
4Bugbear Bloodghost Hunter (DDI)Level 8 Skirmisher 350Dragon 366, page 69 (Bloodghost Syndicate)
10Twisted One Minion (DDI)Level 12 Minion 175Dungeon 157, page 78 (In the Depths of Avarice)
Tips: The Hunters lurk in hiding amongst the elaborate and debased tapestries allowing the Twisted Ones to act as bait. Once attackers are engaged with the Twisted Ones the Hunters will Use Blur of Movement and Slayers Assault to ambush the party from the rear.
Treasure: Lots #1 & #6

Encounter 8: 13th Level, 4000xp; The Cloaked Figure
Fomorian Dark Initiate (DDI)Level 13 Solo Controller 4000P1: King of the Trollhaunt Warrens, page 16 (Fomorian)
Tips: She is ready for the Party and will Lead with Double Spell to blanket the attackers with pain and confusion. She will target Artillery with an Evil Eye. Blasing away with Black Flame or Mind Wrack until either she is hit by a melee attack OR her Double Spell recharges. While batting Away close attackers with her staff. Bloodied Inivisbilty and Shadow Gaze are used against close attackers.
Given the Choice she will Take a Dark Step to close with softer targets that have seperated from the melee group, preferably exchanging places with a martial defender so that she might have some time with a divine or archane artillery figure.
Treasure: #3, #4, #5 , #6

Major Quest 10th Level: 2,700 xp

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