Dirt, Free Man of the World

History: Hasir was a man of weath, status and influence who married into an impoverished Noble line. 
Premise: One day he was touched by a divinity and has renounced worldly wealth and power. He now lives, wandering from town to town, performing day labor for any who will pay him with a place to sleep and a bit of food to eat. After a few days he moves on leaving 99 gold coins behind. 
Problem: His spouse wants him back; The family patracrh wants the everfull purse back even more so.

Dirt/Hasir Human Male, 43, Laborer/Noble.
Appearance: A human male in his low forties, in simple plan but clean, often mended, clothes. He has dark hair and dark eyes. His voice is quite and humble.

What's your name/Story: "I be Dirt, Sir, a free man of the world. I have nothing but my clothes and a strong back. "
Why do you live this way/what do you desire: "I desire only to do a days' honest work. Though some food and a place to sleep would be nice. "


If a discussion of Poltics/Nobility/Society happens in front of him: He will comment, aside, with accurate and insightful information. When confronted, he will fumble, applogise, and feign ignorance. 

How do you know these things: I am very sorry sir, I mean no harm. (lie) I once worked for a powerful man and learned a smidgen about such things. 
What was his name, where did you come from: His name was Hasir, he was a powerfull, small minded and shallow man. 
Are you Hasir/What is your real name: Please sir, do not make me go back, that life was hollow, empty of meaning.

Any physical assault or threat will make Dirt/Hasir cower and surrender. 
Volunteered: Don't hurt me.

Spouse: She is initially overjoyed at his return, but becomes increasingly upset at his new world view. Eventually she will send him away after one too many confidence of his to a peer.
Patriarch: Pleased over the return of the artifact. He may need to deal with Hasir, possibly through more violent and covert means.

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