Nogg, Elderly Night Door watch man

Situation: The players approach a small town after dark.

Nogg 63 Human Male , Night Guard
Stooped, elderly, with dim, watery eyes and sparse gray hair. 
Volunteered: Question 1: "Who are you, and what you be doing at this hour of the night?"

What do you do here?: I have been the night guard of this gate for more years than I care to count. It is my job to not admit "Strange Folk" after dark. 
What do you want?: I'd prefer to spend my nights sleeping, though I don't know that I could do that any more. 
Has/Is [NPC] been through the town: I do not know can you describe them?... 
[Thinks for a moment and answers honestly].
Can we come in?:Ey, you look honest enough, not like those [refer to a plot relevant NPC/Organization or rumor].

We don't have time for this: Let us in!: Nay, "Strange Folk", must wait for dawn.
[Offer of a reasonable bribe/Toll] Oh, yes, I see no "Strange Folk" here [opens the night door and recommends an near by Inn].  
So you can be bought, wait till we tell the Capitan of the Guard: Please, no, I don't want to end up like Jenkens. [returns the bribe] He still hasn't gotten all of the pitch off. 

Volunteered: [Slams the night door] Help, Night watch...[Runs to fetch the night watch, leaving the gate unguarded for a 1d10 rounds]. 

If physically confronted: Add a check to "City Guards". 
If treated in a friendly manner remove one check to "City Guards". 

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