Playing with Ideas Part 2

Less than 36 hours remain (no I am not excited, why do you ask) until I pick up my copies of 4th ed from my FLGS.

I would like to demonstrate and showcase the mechanics and rules of 4th edition: So a number of combat and skill challenges seem to be in order. Further more it would be nice see how it behaves at various levels and with various classes. It would be nice if I could place a socal encounter or two between so that the players wont feel that all 4th is fighting.

So one possibility that I currently favor is creating a series of PC type characters at various levels: 1, 8, 16, 24, and maybe 30. (This would also fuel this ever hungry blog with content). Normally I wouldn't go with pre-generated characters but I do think it would speed things up.

From a story line stand point the heroes are in their final test before ascending to divinity, but in order to do so they must overcome some of the challenges of their past. To slowly reveal this I would use the amnesia trope so that with each victory I would exchange character sheets to reveal details of their back story. I imagine a glowing symbol on each of their foreheads' that would alter as more of their past and powers were revealed.

My largest fear with this design is that it wouldn't give the players enough time to 'Jell' , to figure out how to best work together. I understand that teamwork is an important part of 4th ed: No one character will have a single trick or exploit that would make them a killing machine (or at least that is what I have been lead to believe).

I am also concerned that, given the time we have to play that the players would get bogged down with having to relearn their characters. Though, I don't think that this would be the problem that it would be under previous editions.

Something to ponder over.

Snorkey: is trying to feed the monster...

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