Playing with Story/Campaign Ideas for D&D 4th ed

With the imminent arrival of D&D 4th Edition I though that I would play with some idea for campaigns.
  • A world where the past is coming into the present at an accelerating rate. Ruins appear over night, and grow with passing days. The Epic task is to fix time so that history goes back to where it belongs.
  • A holy war where a good goes on the offensive against evil, with an epic twist that the war becomes a war against all non-believers.
  • Start with gladiatorial combat with heroes know nothing of their past, as they succeed they regain what was lost.
  • A town build upon a million (or billion) years ruins.
  • City Gods, where incarnate deities rule a city.
  • My take on "The City Built Around a Tarrasque".
More to come latter...

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