Excuse Post: From Tidal Pool to Glactic Core

What have I been doing for the last for the last 39 days? Crawling from the from the sea; performing for other members of my species; transforming planets; and journeying to the galactic core. In my travels I have found Earth, and colonized it. Made friends with some; eliminated others; traded the rarest of spices; made all the money I could have; chatted with Steve; wielded the staff of life to transform worlds. I have become the creator of life; and the distroyer of worlds.

Ok, so I have been playing Spore WAYYYYY too much.

It's a delightful Sim game (DRM issues aside) that has enough variety that you never get truly bord (though it has happend once of twice), yet there is always something to do. In the past I have avoided The Sims figuring that it was a massive time suck (and it is just based upon what I can do with the free demo).

Normaly, I keep to Turn based resource management games like GalCiv and it's decendants. The real time resource management games become an execsie in plate spinning, and ultimatly, the computer will be better at managing queues than I will be. GalCiv is nearly the game I would wright if I were so inclided (and had arbitrarily large amounts of time and resources).

But spore is simple enough that 8 year old my step granddaughter can play it (and I have run into many of her creations in my quest for the core). Varried enough that I am willing to keep going (my current quest is to rid the galixy of the Grox).

What does any of this have to do with Table Top RPG's: zip. But it is what I have been doing for the last month and a good bit.


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