Panic Attack: Four Days

So I was twiddling around the galaxy, just minding the Grox's (Spore) business when I suddenly recalled that I am introducing (and running for) my group there first 4E game this coming Thursday.


So the first thing I do is play more Spore (Behold the power of Denial). The next day I do the accounting, dishes, vacuuming, run some errands, Play with Monster Maker 3.1; write this post. I do everything save actually working on the game. I do believe that I have truly mastered it the fine art of procrastination.

I suppose I will rationalize this post as a way to "just start writing".

2009/02/18 Note: Closing off comments to prevent spam.


  1. If you need a sounding board, inspiration, or help getting the 4e game going let me know. I'm all over that stuff these days.

  2. Thank you very much. What do you think of Fell Spider Minon?
    I had this vision of a first level dungeon as a spider nest and the first encounter would be a small swarm of these.