The Party of Six: 10th Level

Storming the main compound of the Blue hand Clan went well until a particularly weaselly little goblin rogue raised the alarm. Compound defenses became much more challenging, ultimately ending in a retreat by our heroes after encountering a well entrenched Stoneface and a large number of archers setup on a balcony. They have returned to the vicinity of the shipwreck, the scent of which has been greatly enhanced by a decomposing dragon corpse. So they opt for a much more difficult perch on the cliff face.

Agninu - Stalwart Guard pg 81,Acolyte Power pg 209(switch Get over Here with Unbalancing Parry), Paragon large shield of protection (13th level).
Beck - Defensive Rally pg 149, Skill Training: Perception.
Cthic - Shadow Stride pg 122, Two Weapon Defense, Rouge's gloves (12th level)
Darrin - Resistance, pg 164; Arcane Gate pg 163, Improved Initiative, Magic +3 Dagger
Ehlin - Mass Cure Light Wounds, Improved Initiative,Rope of Climbing.

Each character receves 1680 gp and still has not had a chance to deal with the art and gems. Tje pile of left over magic items is still sizable but didn't grow at all during this level.


  1. just found your blog. This is an awesome idea.

  2. Thanks for the feed back. I am currently working on a utility to help me build these monsters instead of doing it by hand.