Features of the Tower

The titans who chartered the ritual for the tower realized that some fraction of their mortal followers would be coming with them during their ascension, and they made accommodations for them in the design.

Food makers - About every half mile along the ramp exist stations that will produce a pudding like food for any who place a bowl or similar container in the nisch. To creatures associated with the ramp's titan, the food will taste like heaven, to everyone else, it tastes like soap or worse. The food stuff has the same coloration as the ramp, but is otherwise nutritious. Unfortunately, these facilities were often left on and are responsible for producing much of the dirt in the tower.

Fountains - Adjacent to the food alcoves are the water fountains, these ever flowing trickles of water.

Facilities - A series of simple toilets, in banks of several hundred are nested in a room within the walls of the tower. Vastly wide entrances allow for hundreds if not thousands of medium creatures to enter the chamber at one end, take care of business in private stalls and exit out of the other end of the chamber.

Sleeping Chambers - Lined with enough triple bunk beds to house a several thousand were fabricated into recessed chambers in the tower walls. However, given that the titans never stopped during their ascension, the sleeping chambers was a major cause of those that fell behind.

Tombs - It was foretold that not all of the servitors would survive the ascension process, and as a result great chambers, lined with stone niches were readied for use as the need arose. In the lower extents of the the tower these were barely used, but as you ascend, more and more of the niches become occupied. in the present, the tombs are a major source of mettle and magic, as the followers took to the tower carrying all of their worldly possessions.

Windows - At regular intervals around the tower are placed great quarter mile high stained glass window recounting the achievements of the titans and their followers. Most of these are buried by dirt over or obscured by water, only a few are accessible to mortals.

Secrets - Within the features hide secret entrances into the fourth path of ascension within the tower. Colloquy know as the "Secret Stairs" this maze of interconnecting secret passages generally leads upward but it is, frequently, a rather torturous route.

The Top - At the top of the tower exists the gate, a mile wide glowing orb with insubstantial dancing glass like fragments of reality floating about it. It is held in place, relative to the tower walls by three colossal, arcane brackets; A series of three ramps work their way across the five mile gap to come within a few feet of the gate.

The Tower Floor - A ten mile across oval  of jumbled terrain: it ranges from high mountains tip side to a vast lake Lean Side with planes and forest in between.

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