Tilted Tower: Geometry

Each of the ramps rise at the moderately steep angle of 15 degrees, ascending 48 miles up over its 190 mile length. The three ramps each complete 6 loops of 30 miles as they rise to the top.

The tower is tilting at a 37 degree angle and this has created a rather different, perspective on the world.

Lean Side -  where the ramp forms a cup between its self and the tower walls, here dirt, and detris collect to form level land.  These zones, all eighteen of them form the primary location for civilization in the tower, as it has the most arable land and water. A river runs down the side of the tower forming waterfalls as it runs over the lips of the ramp.

Up Side - Is the next region  Lean Side moving up the spiral ramp we have the hill side. The bare ramp would have an angle of 52 degrees, rising 9.6 miles over a seven and a half mile course. Fournatly, dirt on the ramp slides downward forming great crubmly bluffs, alowing them to be scalled with difficulty and some risk, land slides are not unusal in this area.

Tip Side - oposite of the tilt side, the ramp is covered with very slow moving dirt flows and some wildly cantered young trees. Prime grazing land for the most sure footed of creatures. The bare, or vine covered walls of the tower often expose some of the Other features of the tower.

Down Side - the bare ramp would have a 17 degree Downward angle. descending 2.3 miles over the seven and a half miles. forests start with the youngest of trees at the edge of tip side and get progressively more mature as they move toward tilt side.

Lean Side Wall -  for the adventurious climber it is possible to ascend the Lean side wall, as there are a large number of trees, shrubs and such growing on it. In someways it is genteler than the upside ramp. Notable features include a river with grand water falls from the higher ramp.

Central Lighting - In most places the ten mile long, half mile wide light crystals have remained in place, taking on the same 37 degree tilt as the tower. A crystal emits noon day sun, Evening light and a star filled night sky from each of it's three sides. Most rotate, with a period of one day.

Tomorrow we will look at some of the general features of the tower.


  1. That's an extremely unique setting! However did you get the idea for that?

  2. I started this project during the first Mega Dungeon Renaissance so I knew it needed to be big. At first it was a mile or so tall, until I realized that I had an unlimited FX budget. The name its self was a throw-away that I just placed on the map.