Three Paths of the Titans

A bit of oral history relating to the Tilted Tower.
Three of the titans of creation were paroled by the gods for their assistance in the destruction of the other titans. In exchange, they were granted the privage to leave this world for another by way of a fracture in reality, a gate, some fifty miles above the lands.
Calling upon each of their cohorts, each a million souls strong, they started a grand ritual that took three years to complete, growing the tower inch by inch toward the gate.
Upon it completion, the cohort dispersed, some following the titians up each of their paths the rest returned to their homelands to face persecution at the hands of the fanatic followers of the gods.
The Titan of Light ascended a silvery path and walked in the noon day sun, followed by diva, dragon born and some humans.
The Titan of Night took the obsidian path, walking under a night sky, with teiflings, orc and human sycophants.
The Titan of Twilight took the marble path, and walked under a sky forever in dusk or dawn.
A fourth figure, diminished by the loss in the primal war, a mere fragment of the Most hansom of Evils, stalked through a hidden, twisting maze in the walls of the tower, a hand full of dead servitors in tow.

Next we will examine features of the tower. 

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