The Party of Six: 6th Level

The Goblin Queen and her Teifling consort are dead. When policing the bodies the party discovered documents that indicate that the Blue Hand Clan's power center is in Harborhearth. Not surprisingly there was no sign of the Heart of the Beloved.

Agninu - Unbreakable pg 80, Lethal Hunter , Mountain Plate +2, pg 231
Beck - Guide the Charge pg 147, Alertness
Cthic - Mob Mentality pg 120, Skill Training (Intimidate), Dragon Slayer Shortsword +2, pg 233
Darrin - Invisibility pg 162, Dispel Magic pg 162, Action Surge, Amulet of Protection +2, pg 249
Ehlin -Bastion of Health pg 66, Group Insight feat, Resounding Mace +2, pg 249
Each also received 475 gp, Though, Beck and Cthic have decided to send their share home to their spouses.

Agninu's old suit of Battle Forged Plate +1 goes back into the party treasure. The Rituals of Enchant Item and Disenchant Magic Item were acquired from the Teifling consort and may be put to use on some of the party leftovers.

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