The Party of Six: 8th Level

Harborhearth is certainly the largest place our heroes have ever seen, and it is not to Agninu's liking, nor are the city jails. The party has however, found the strong hold of the Blue Hand Clan and are currently resting in an abandoned shipwreck after a long days fight, mostly against Orc's Ogres, and a particularly nasty Dead Tree Dryad and her human lackeys.

Agninu - Str, Cha; Novice Power pg 209 (swap: Crushing Blow for Disruptive Strike pg 106)
Beck - Str, Wis; Improved Initiative pg 198; Diadem of Acuity (8th level) pg 248;
Cthic - Dex, Con; Defensive Mobility pg 194;
Darrin - Int, Wis; Astral Fire pg 193; Ghostphase Cloth +2
Ehlin - Wis, Cha; Light Step pg 198; Handy Haversack

Each person receives 330 gp, and the following is placed into the party treasure: 2 x 500gp rubies, 4 x 100gp pearls, 5 matched paintings of elemental chaos (250 gp each), 3 tombs of great antiquity (250 gp each) that deal with the politics of a forgotten Eldrin Nation, Finally a pair of sending stones were also acquired.

Additionally, Darrins old suit of Bloodthread Cloth Armor +1 goes into the recycling pile.

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