The Party of Six: 7th Level

The party has finally meshed (aside from a few friendly jabs from Cthic "Human, dying was the best thing to happen to you"). They were able to deftly deal with the many encounters (primarily Orc bandits and a murder of griffon's) on the road from the Crossroads Village to Harbor Hearth.

Agninu - Reckless Strike pg 80,
Beck - Surround Foe pg 148, Lifedrinker longsword +2 pg 235
Cthic -Sand in the Eyes pg 121, Elven Cloak +2 pg 250, Dynamic Belt pg 253
Darrin -Lightning Bolt pg 162, Wand of fiery bolt +2 pg 243
Ehlin - Searing Light pg 66,
Each person receives 720 gp.

For saving her hide, Ehlin gifted the Dynamic Belt to Cthic, as it would be of greater use to him than her.


  1. I just spotted your site from rpgbloggers.com. Neat idea.

    Your 4e NPCs have a problem, though: At first level they get a fixed number plus Constitution score hit points, not Con mod. Cthic, for example, should start with 25hp instead of 13 and go up from there.

  2. Dam! You are right, that would improve character survivability imensly. Tonight I will adjust the charactes (all fourty sheets so far) and re-upload them.
    Thanks for the feed back.


  3. No problem, glad to help. Wish I would have come by before you had forty sheets uploaded, though...

  4. Ok, everyone has been updated. Thank you for reading and spotting that error.