The Party of Six: 9th Level

In the morning, the party was awakened by a rather unhappy Adult Black Dragon, after a botched attempt to parlay a rather intense skirmish broke out. The party was victorious, but Agninu and Ehlin were taken down but not killed. Two new suits of armor and a shiny Holy symbol were found after a good bit of swimming. The balance of the day was spent cleaning out a forward outpost of the Blue Hand Clan. During the interrogations, the identity of the clans leader, Alisha Stoneface, was learned.

Agninu - Thicket of Blades pg 80,Amulet of Protection +3 pg 249
Beck - Knock Them Down pg 148, Black Iron Scale +2 pf 227
Cthic - Deadly Positioning pg 121, Sunleaf Leather +3 pg 231
Darrin - Ice Storm pg 163, Wall of Fire pg 163.
Ehlin - Flame Strike pg 67, Symbol of Battle +2 pg 237

Each party member receives 1360 gp; though they still have yet to liquidate the Art and gems from last time. Beck's Razor Scale +1 goes into party treasure, as does Cthic's Deathcut Leather +1, and Ehlin's Symbol of Hope +1.

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