Asmor's Instant Dungeon: 3rd Level Bane Keep

Moran, the Hand of Bane, was called upon, by Bane, to secure an abandoned Dragon Born keep. Although not nice people, they haven't set about to do any harm to the area per say.
You will need to create a map and provide a bit more story.

  1. [Level 7 Magic Item]: Dread Weapon +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 68 [Weapons]) (DDI)
  2. [Level 6 Magic Item]: Bracers of Tactical Blows (Adventurer's Vault, page 116 [Arms Slot Items]) (DDI)
  3. [Level 5 Magic Item]: Lightning Weapon +1 (Player's Handbook, page 235 [Magic Weapons]) (DDI)
  4. [Level 4 Magic Item]: Verve Armor +1 (Adventurer's Vault, page 54 [Armor]) (DDI)
  5. [380.8 gp]: 171 gp, 94 sp, 40 cp + 2 moonstone gems (100 gp each)
  6. [340 gp]: 231 gp, 86 sp, 40 cp + 1 amber (100 gp)
  7. [231.2 gp]: 229 gp, 19 sp, 30 cp
  8. [231.2 gp]: 23 gp, 79 sp, 30 cp + 2 moonstone gems (100 gp each)
  9. [108.8 gp]: 99 gp, 89 sp, 90 cp
  10. [81.6 gp]: 77 gp, 43 sp, 30 cp
Encounter 1: Volunteers, Level 2, 600xp
2Kob, and Vim, Hobgoblin Soldier (DDI)Level 3 Soldier 150Monster Manual, page 139 (Goblin)
2Ral and Sim, Orc Raider (DDI)Level 3 Skirmisher 150Monster Manual, page 203 (Orc)
Tips:While traveling the PC see in the distance four cloaked figures with camping gear cutting across the road. Kob is willing to talk, Vim is spoiling for a fight, Ral and Sim will follow who ever shouts the loudest. They are looking for the keep and hope to join Moran's band. If it comes to blows: the Orc raiders will fight until bloodied and then make a break for it. Kob will support his brother, but will surrender if he goes down.
Treasure: Lot #10, traveling supplies and a crude map to the lost keep showing landmarks along the path.

Encounter 2: Post of the Eyes, Level 3, 700xp
4Goblin Warrior (DDI)Level 1 Skirmisher 100Monster Manual, page 137 (Goblin)
2Hobgoblin Archer (DDI)Level 3 Artillery 150Monster Manual, page 139 (Goblin)
Tips: A solitary tower, decrepit tower with the creatures inside. If observed one Goblin will emerge to parley (they want a strong looking party to just go away and are willing to give them false information to lead them astray). When Fighting, the archers will snipe through arrow slits and murder holes, while the goblins secure the front door and stairs.
Treasure:Lot #9

Encounter 3: Forest Patrol, Level 3, 775xp
2Creepy and Crawly, Ettercap Fang Guard (DDI)Level 4 Skirmisher 175Monster Manual, page 107 (Ettercap)
1Rover, Guard Drake (DDI)Level 2 Brute 125Monster Manual, page 90 (Drake)
2Blood and Bite, Hobgoblin Soldier (DDI)Level 3 Soldier 150Monster Manual, page 139 (Goblin)
Tips: Blood and Bite along with their pet Rover are herding Creepy and Crawly along the trail laying "early warning" trip lines for the near by front gate. The Hobgoblins are suspicious of strangers, the tethered ettercaps are consuming most of their attention. If a dialog can be established over hissing of the ettercaps, then they will, cautiously escort the PC's to the Front gate. Otherwise they will drop the tethers to allow Creepy and Crawly to throw webs on the strongest, while Blood and Bite fight as a pair with Rover going for the flank.
Treasure: #4 with Blood but it will not come into use in this fight.

Encounter 4: The Bouncers, Level 3, 800 xp
4Orc Raider (DDI)Level 3 Skirmisher 150Monster Manual, page 203 (Orc)
1Bile, Hobgoblin Commander (DDI)Level 5 Soldier (Leader)200Monster Manual, page 140 (Goblin)
Tips:The crew is digging defensive trenches adjacent to the entrance to the complex to fill time during guard duty. If the PC's are escorted, then the commander will challenge their reason for coming. If combat breaks out, the group will move as one and then the Bile will use his "Tactical Deployment" power to try and close the gap. Every time Bile hits the Orc's will cheer.
Treasure: #8

Encounter 5: Artists, Level 4, 928xp
2Gnoll Huntmaster (DDI)Level 5 Artillery 200Monster Manual, page 132 (Gnoll)
1Shadowhunter Bat (DDI)Level 3 Lurker 150Monster Manual, page 27 (Bat)
6Legion Devil Grunt (DDI)Level 6 Minion 63Monster Manual, page 64 (Devil)
Tips: The Devil Grunts are applying stucco to the stone walls (3 to a side) while the 2 gnolls sketch out murals in charcoal on the finished portions of the wall. Unescorted visitors (especially ones that look like they have been in a fight) will be met with hostility. The Bat will only attack bloodied figures and will do so regardless of status of the rest of the fight (it will flee if bloodied).
Treasure: none.

Encounter 6: Rotunda Construction Crew, Level 4, 820xp
4Orc Raider (DDI)Level 3 Skirmisher 150Monster Manual, page 203 (Orc)
5Orc Drudge (DDI)Level 4 Minion 44Monster Manual, page 203 (Orc)
Tips: 1 Raider and 2 druges are on the ground Examining old drawings, the rest of the orcs are scattered around the scaffolding that lines this room, making repairs to the temple's dome. Sounds of battle from encounter #5 will not be heard due to the noise of the orc's shaping stone. Though armed, the PC's will get two automatic surprise round as the Orc's make their way to their weapons. In the event of an attack, the drudges on the ground will run to Encounter #7, while all other figures will attack using ranged weapons.
Treasure: #7 with the Raiders holding the gold, and the druges Carrying the silver and copper.

Encounter 7: Sanctuary Consultation, Level 4, 950xp
2Ettercap Fang Guard (DDI)Level 4 Skirmisher 175Monster Manual, page 107 (Ettercap)
1Ettercap Webspinner (DDI)Level 5 Controller 200Monster Manual, page 107 (Ettercap)
1Rendi, Hobgoblin Warcaster (DDI)Level 3 Controller (Leader)150Monster Manual, page 140 (Goblin)
1Hasstheh, Agent of Bain, Shadar-kai Chainfighter (DDI)Level 6 Skirmisher 250Monster Manual, page 230 (Shadar-Kai)
Tips: Opening the unlocked door reveals Rendi and Hasstheh seated at a large weathered table, with the Ettercaps capering through the vaulting (Medium Perception check). Rendi is willing to talk, where as Hasstheh prefers to watch.
In combat Rendi and the Ettercap work together, with webspinner using it's web terrain and web net to tie up melee types, and Rendi knocking the rest down.
Treasure: #3, #2, #6

Encounter 8: Level 6, 1332xp
1Moran, Hobgoblin Hand of Bane (DDI)Level 8 Elite Soldier 700Monster Manual, page 140 (Goblin)
2Shadar-kai Chainfighter (DDI)Level 6 Skirmisher 250Monster Manual, page 230 (Shadar-Kai)
3Orc Drudge (DDI)Level 4 Minion 44Monster Manual, page 203 (Orc)
Tips: In combat Moran will lead with Flail of Tyranny to stun what he perceives as the controller, As the Chainfighter moves and strafes with the Dance of Death. On successive rounds Moran will mark the leader while the Chainfighter snipes with it's spiked chain. The Druges only attack marked targets.
Treasure:#1, #5

Major Quest: Level 3, 700xp

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