Writing for the Sake of Writing

This is one of those times, A Sunday morning waiting for 4 step grand children to arrive, that I find my self stuck in my game writing. I will, more likely than not, as I already have so far this morning, spend it NOT WRITING.

I had the same problem on my "Snow day Friday", I took the day off from work and spend it NOT WORKING. Not Working is different from a day off, where I actually get stuff done. It is a day in which I get buzzed every 5 minutes by emails asking questions, or at least making statements that I feel the need to respond to. There were a large number of things I could have done during the hours between emails and meetings, but none of them were.

In the past I used to think that I needed large 8-16 hour blocks of time to work upon my games or blog, but In the last year I discovered that even as little as 5 minutes is enough to get something started (and possibly even finished).

So what do I want, both now and in the coming year:
1. Run my first 4E game: my Thursday group is currently world building using the Dawn of Worlds rule system to build a collaborative world. I want everyone to have a positive experience with 4E (though 2 of the players have strong opinions against 4E, they are willing to try).
2. Regular Posting: I started this blog to help my writing and help me improve my greatest GM weakness: NPC's. I also wanted to give something back to the gaming community. (I also wanted fame and fortune but I didn't really expect that to happen).

So my vow, starting now, is to:
1. Not NOT DO SOMETHING, either I am doing the thing or I am not. So If I am Writing, then I write. Mapping, then map. Programming, then program.
2. No regrets: I will enjoy what I do when I need to do it. I will try and jettison the Coulda, woulda, shoulda.
3. Schedule a time for writing. I find that at 4am to 7am is my most creative time, I think that I will go back to setting my alarm an hour earlier to help facilitate this.
4. When in doubt read. I have a habit of buying gaming books and never reading them, so it is back to the rule of Read 2 before I buy 1. This should keep me busy for the next 5 years.
5. Be happy: I set this rule for my self when I was 16 (too many decades ago), and have had a generally positive experience with it.

Snorkey: is not, not writing this post.

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