Asmor's Instant Dungeon: 2nd Level: Goblin Lair

Back Story: The Mavin family tomb has been in disuse for several years now, and has become the lair of a small group of Goblins.

Treasure Lots:(Players Handbook and Adventures Vault generated using Asmor's Quartermaster)

  1. [Level 6 Magic Item]: Phylactery of Divinity (Adventurer's Vault, page 144 [Head Slot Items]) (DDI)
  2. [Level 5 Magic Item]: Breach Bracers (Adventurer's Vault, page 116 [Arms Slot Items]) (DDI)
  3. [Level 4 Magic Item]: Deathstalker Weapon +1 (Adventurer's Vault, page 67 [Weapons]) (DDI)
  4. [Level 3 Magic Item]: Delver's Armor +1 (Player's Handbook, page 229 [Magic Armor]) (DDI)
  5. [291.2 gp]: 283 gp, 76 sp, 60 cp
  6. [260 gp]: 52 gp, 73 sp, 70 cp + 2 amethyst gems (100 gp each)
  7. [176.8 gp]: 91 gp, 50 sp, 80 cp, and a 4 barrels of tea (20 gp each)
  8. [176.8 gp]: 74 gp, 21 sp, 70 cp + 1 pearl (100 gp)
  9. [83.2 gp]: 75 gp, 77 sp, 50 cp
  10. [62.4 gp]: 55 gp, 65 sp, 90 cp
(Monster Manual only generated by Asmor's 4E Random Encounter Generator)

Encounter 1: Level 1, 500 xp

10Giant Rat (DDI)Level 1 Minion 25Monster Manual, page 219 (Rat)
2Goblin Sharpshooter (DDI)Level 2 Artillery 125Monster Manual, page 137 (Goblin)
Tips: Entrance to the complex with the goblins in perches, the rats in cages. As soon as possible the goblins tug a rope to open the two cages to release 5 rats each (minor action). The perches are 5 ft up and give the sharpshooters combat advantage and partial cover.
Treasure:Lot #10 and equipment.

Encounter 2:Level 2, 675 xp

4Skeleton (DDI)Level 3 Soldier 150Monster Manual, page 234 (Skeleton)
3Goblin Cutter (DDI)Level 1 Minion 25Monster Manual, page 136 (Goblin)
Tips: Cutter #3, the one with the red hat is in charge of the skeleton's and will hold back as the skeletons charge in, while the other two minons try and hit marked PC's. When missed they will give a little squeel and shift to another target.
Treasure: Lot #9

Encounter 3: Level 2, 625 xp

1Gravehound (DDI)Level 3 Brute 150Monster Manual, page 274 (Zombie)
1Human Bandit (DDI)Level 2 Skirmisher 125Monster Manual, page 162 (Human)
1Warhorse (DDI)Level 3 Brute 150Monster Manual, page 159 (Horse)
2Goblin Warrior (DDI)Level 1 Skirmisher 100Monster Manual, page 137 (Goblin)
Tips:Rover (Gravehound) and her master Berad (Human Bandit) and Trigger (Warhorse) work as a team (they are negotiating with the 2 Goblins for some stolen merchandise). Berad's first action will be to mount Trigger and try and trample as many as possible. The goblins will fight until one of them goes down and then try to flee.
Treasure:Lot #7 With the gold on the Berad, The rest is in the Goblins' possession.

Encounter 4: Level 2, 650

1Goblin Blackblade (DDI)Level 1 Lurker 100Monster Manual, page 136 (Goblin)
9Goblin Cutter (DDI)Level 1 Minion 25Monster Manual, page 136 (Goblin)
1Shadowhunter Bat (DDI)Level 3 Lurker 150Monster Manual, page 27 (Bat)
1Human Berserker (DDI)Level 4 Brute 175Monster Manual, page 163 (Human)
Tips: Mad Bill (human berserker) is wanted by the athorities and is working with the goblins as an "Advisor". He loves nothing more than to wade in and bust heads. The Bat lives here an only attacks bloodied PC's, Though it will swoop around looking for a target. The goblins will work in pairs and attempt to flank targets.

Treasure: Lot #3 on the Berserker. Lot #8

Encounter 5:Level 3, 770 xp

5Orc Drudge (DDI)Level 4 Minion 44Monster Manual, page 203 (Orc)
1Goblin Hexer (DDI)Level 3 Controller (Leader)150Monster Manual, page 137 (Goblin)
2Deathrattle Viper (DDI)Level 5 Brute 200Monster Manual, page 240 (Snake)
Tips: The orc's are dealing with the Vain the Hexer and his two pets. Vain will lead with Vexing Cloud and try and maitain it until attacked in melee, Following with Stinging Hex on or blindness on . He prefers to blind ranged attackers first, followed by those in combat with the Vipers. The Druges will fight until 3 fall and then break and flee from the dungeon.
Treasure: Lot #6 with the Orc's holding the gems, Vain has all of the coin.

Encounter 6:Level 3, 700 xp

1Rage Drake (DDI)Level 5 Brute 200Monster Manual, page 92 (Drake)
1Goblin Warrior (DDI)Level 1 Skirmisher 100Monster Manual, page 137 (Goblin)
2Boneshard Skeleton (DDI)Level 5 Brute 200Monster Manual, page 235 (Skeleton)
Tips: Vinny the Goblin is desperately afraid of the Spot the Drake and will put himself as far from it as possible. Vinny will shoot and run as much as possible. The Drake Charges the Largest PC and will try to gnaw on them. The skeletons are tomb guardians and will attack only humans.
Treasure: Lot #4

Encounter 7:Level 3, 775

1Gelatinous Cube (DDI)Level 5 Elite Brute 400Monster Manual, page 202 (Ooze)
3Goblin Sharpshooter (DDI)Level 2 Artillery 125Monster Manual, page 137 (Goblin)
Tips: The goblins have broken into a sewer system and have "tamed" the Gelatinous cube. The floor is ruble covered and mostly difficult terrain. Large piles of Dirt provide cover. The Goblins will try and lure the PC's within the Cube's reach.
Treasure: #1 in the Cube.

Encounter 8:Level 5, 1050 xp

1Goblin Underboss (DDI)Level 4 Elite Controller (Leader)350Monster Manual, page 138 (Goblin)
3Rotwing Zombie (DDI)Level 4 Skirmisher 175Monster Manual, page 274 (Zombie)
1Specter (DDI)Level 4 Lurker 175Monster Manual, page 244 (Specter)
Tips: Ido the Underboss thinks he is in charge and will have the zombies swoop to the attack while he targets the PC's sporting Holly symbols. The specter will go invisible and manuver to make best use of it's spectral barrage power. It will then move out of combat, go invisible and manuver for another attack. Ido will use Superior Goblin Taticts to allow the Zombies to come closer to his target.
Treasure:Lot #2 & #5

Major Quest: Level 2, 625 xp.

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