Asmor's Instant Dungeon: 4th level Caves of Loathing

This time I have opened up Asmor's Treasure sources to be Everything. You will need to provide a map and a story to tie this motley band of dragons, koblods and undead together.
  1. [Level 8 Magic Item]: Controlling Weapon +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 66 [Weapons]) (DDI)
  2. [Level 7 Magic Item]: Lens of Reading (Adventurer's Vault, page 175 [Wondrous Items]) (DDI)
  3. [Level 6 Magic Item]: Orb of Impenetrable Escape +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 94 [Orbs]) (DDI)
  4. [Level 5 Magic Item]: Quickhit Braces (Adventurer's Vault, page 118 [Arms Slot Items]) (DDI)
  5. [470.4 gp]: 161 gp, 86 sp, 80 cp + 3 amethyst gems (100 gp each)
  6. [420 gp]: 416 gp, 36 sp, 40 cp
  7. [285.6 gp]: 179 gp, 57 sp, 90 cp + 1 peridot (100 gp)
  8. [285.6 gp]: 183 gp, 19 sp, 70 cp + 1 moonstone (100 gp)
  9. [134.4 gp]: 126 gp, 77 sp, 70 cp
  10. [100.8 gp]: 92 gp, 79 sp, 90 cp
Encounters:(again, I selected all sources when using Asmor's Encounters)

Encounter 1: 3rd Level, 750 xp
2Skeletal Warhorse (DDI)Level 5 Brute 200Dungeon 155, page 68 (Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams)
2Rotwing Zombie (DDI)Level 4 Skirmisher 175Monster Manual, page 274 (Zombie)
Tips: The Skeletal Warhorse keep kicking while the Rotwing Zombies strafe the lone targets and move on.
Treasure: none

Encounter 2: 4th Level, 925 xp
4Orc Scout (DDI)Level 3 Skirmisher 150Dungeon 157, page 53 (Siege of Bordrin's Watch)
1Spear GauntletLevel 2 Obstacle 125Dungeon Master's Guide, page 87 (Trap and Hazards)
1Vinnie, Hobbler Decoy (DDI)Level 4 Skirmisher 175Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page 224 (Kobold)
Tips: Vinnie, will attempt use taunting Jeer to pull Characters through the spear gauntlet while the Scouts pin them down with arrow fire. The scouts will remain on the far side of the gauntlet, Though the Overeager feature will force them to, potentially, move through the gauntlet to get at a target. Vinnie will make a run for it once Bloodied.
Treasure: none

Encounter 3: Level 4, 875xp
1Bethor, Blue Dragon Wyrmling (DDI)Level 4 Elite Artillery 350Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page 180 (Chromatic Wyrmlings)
3Kruthik Adult (DDI)Level 4 Brute 175Monster Manual, page 170 (Kruthik)
Tips: The PC first encounter the Kruthik's and then with much drama, Bethor makes her grand entrance 2 rounds latter leading with a breath weapon, (spending an action point), and unleashing her Draconic Fury or Lighting Burst. Afterward she will alternate between Draconic Fury, Lighting Burst and moving away from hard targets toward softer targets.
Treasure: #3, #7

Encounter 4: Level 4, 900 xp (generated using the Hard setting)
1Varna, Kobold War Priest (DDI)Level 5 Controller 200Dragon 364, page 59 (Creature Incarnations: Kobolds)
4Corruption Corpse (DDI)Level 4 Artillery 175Monster Manual, page 274 (Zombie)
Tips: The corpses will emerge at range from all directions lobbing Motes of Corruption at the Characters, while Varna leads with Devouring Stone following with Venomous Sting. If more than one opponient closes within 2 squares, she will unleash her Surge of Terror when possible. The Corpses will close when near death to make the best use of their Death burst.
Treasure: #8

Encounter 5: Level 5, 950xp
1Nestor, Grell (DDI)Level 7 Elite Soldier 600Monster Manual, page 144 (Grell)
2Wyrmwarped Atrocity (DDI)Level 4 Brute 175Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page 225 (Kobold)
Tips: Nestor will grab the strongest individual, preferring fey to other races, while the atrocities tie up everyone else using double attacks. Nestor will use it's action point to on the third round to try and ease up the pressure on one of the Atrocities by doing an extra tentacle rake.
Treasure: #2

Encounter 6: Level 5, 1000xp
1Vedda, Kobold Wyrmpriest (DDI)Level 3 Artillery (Leader)150Monster Manual, page 168 (Kobold)
3Dar, Fel, Mank, Dragonborn Soldier (DDI)Level 5 Soldier 200Monster Manual, page 86 (Dragonborn)
1Elite Spear Gauntlet
Leve 2 Obstacle
250Dungeon Masters Guide, page 87 (Traps and Hazards)
Tips: Each of the Soldiers stands in a set of "Safe" squares within the gauntlet, and are granted cover. Vedda stands at the end of the gauntlet and will hurl energy orbs at the party. They work as a team and will try to distract individuals trying to disarm the gauntlet.
Treasure: #9

Encounter 7: Level 5, 750xp (hard)
1Guth, Bugbear Shadow Walker (DDI)Level 5 Lurker 200Dragon 366, page 69 (Bloodghost Syndicate)
1Bak, Beastcaller (DDI)Level 7 Controller 300Dragon 369, page 45 (Creature Incarnations: Gnolls)
1Kobold Horde (DDI)Level 6 Skirmisher 250Dragon 364, page 59 (Creature Incarnations: Kobolds)
Tips: Bak will lead with Murderous flock upon the group and then follow with Against the Tide. On round two the Hord will decend upon prone target with Swarm the Fallen. Guth will harass those still standing flanking with the swarm and using shadow walk to its best advantage. Bak will hold Eruption swarm until two or more enemies have closed with him.
Treasure: #10

Encounter 8: Level 7, 1000xp
1Yassul, Young Green Dragon (DDI)Level 5 Solo Skirmisher 1000Monster Manual, page 80 (Dragon, Green)
Tips: Yassul, may parley with the Party for a time (from his perch high above), only to leap to the attack with a fly by attack and a (action point) breath weapon attack. It will then land nearest the range attackers, let loose its Frightful Presence and (action point) Double attack, and use Luring Glare to keep the strongest melee types at range, tail sweeping a character that chooses to stand their ground.
Treasure: #1, #4, #5, #6

Major Quest: Level 4, 875xp

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