Asmor's Instant Dungeon: 5th level Bones of the Druid

Again, I opened up the treasure generation to be everything (though it took two tries to get a list that I liked). As before you will need to provide a map and a story, though I see this set in a more "natural setting". The Shardmasters in encounter #8 kind of justifies the other encounters.

  1. [Level 9 Magic Item]: Salubrious Armor +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 51 [Armor]) (DDI)
  2. [Level 8 Magic Item]: Cloak of the Chiurgeon +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 151 [Neck Slot Items]) (DDI)
  3. [Level 7 Magic Item]: Immunizing Armor +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 46 [Armor]) (DDI)
  4. [Level 6 Magic Item]: Distance Weapon +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 68 [Weapons]) (DDI)
  5. [560 gp]: 53 gp, 60 sp, 100 cp + 1 alexandrite (500 gp)
  6. [500 gp]: 1 topaz (500 gp)
  7. [340 gp]: 32 gp, 76 sp, 40 cp + 3 turqoise gems (100 gp each)
  8. [340 gp]: 134 gp, 53 sp, 70 cp + 2 jade gems (100 gp each)
  9. [160 gp]: 55 gp, 44 sp, 60 cp + 1 garnet (100 gp)
  10. [120 gp]: 118 gp, 15 sp, 50 cp

Encounter 1: 4th Level, 850xp
1Sith, Pact-Bound Adept (DDI)Level 6 Artillery (Leader)250Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page 227 (Kobold)
2Wuth, Rex, Dragonborn Soldier (DDI)Level 5 Soldier 200Monster Manual, page 86 (Dragonborn)
1Avion, Mithrendain Guard Captain (DDI)Level 5 Soldier (Leader)200Dragon 366, page 11 (Mithrendain)
Tips: Wuth, Rex and Avion fight in as a team as Sith uses Flaming Staff on the party from 6 squares behind the front line. Sith will use Dragons Grace on the most successful the three to what ever energy type the casters seem to be using most often. Sith will close with the front line to deliver a healing burst when 2 or more of the front line fighters are bloodied. Expect Longsword and breath attacks from the Wuth and Rex.
Treasure: Lot #10

Encounter 2: 5th Level, 1089xp
4Dire Wolf (DDI)Level 5 Skirmisher 200Monster Manual, page 264 (Wolf)
1Shadow Spirit (DDI)Level 4 Lurker 175Into the Shadowhaunt, page 5
3Norker Grunt (DDI)Level 3 Minion 38H2: Thunderspire Labyrinth, page 25 (Norker)
Tips: The wolves and Norkers will mob soft targets and ranged attackers to try and keep them on the ground. The shadow spirit will only attack targets that it can flank.
Treasure: Lot #4

Encounter 3: 5th Level, 1000xp
1Vipp, Pseudodragon (DDI)Level 3 Lurker 150Monster Manual, page 91 (Drake)
1Gorth, Stormfury Orc Champion (DDI)Level 7 Elite Brute 600Dragon 370, page 35 (Lords of Chaos: Mual-Tar)
1Xan, Tiefling Shadowblade (DDI)Level 6 Skirmisher 250Dungeon 155, page 80 (Sleeper in the Tomb of Dreams)
Tips: Xan and Gorth are good friends and will openly banter with each other during the fight (Gorth is a of the "Hit 'em Hard school, Xan is more sublime) as they tag team targets. Vipp, conducts a flyby attacks to harass those who are not Gorth and Xan's latest "experiential".
Treasure: Lot #5

Encounter 4: 5th Level, 1000xp (hard setting).
4Longtooth Hunter (DDI)Level 6 Soldier 250Monster Manual, page 233 (Shifter)
Tips: Each hunter will choose a target and cause it intense harm by Hamstring them, and then following them as they flee.
Treasure: None

Encounter 5: 6th Level, 1300xp
3Dragonborn Soldier (DDI)Level 5 Soldier 200Monster Manual, page 86 (Dragonborn)
2Galeb Duhr Earthbreaker (DDI)Level 8 Artillery 350Monster Manual, page 114 (Galeb Duhr)
Tips: The Earthbreakers will pelt the party with stones until they close to 2 squares, then they unleash a Shockwave. The Dragonborn then emerge from hiding, lead with a breath attack, and pound there way into the scrum (They will also come out of hiding when either of the Earthbreakers are bloodied).
Treasure: Lot #3 and #8

Encounter 6: 6th Level, 1275xp
1Rithun, Duergar Theurge (DDI)Level 5 Controller 200H2: Thunderspire Labyrinth, page 21 (Duergar)
3Dwarf Bolter (DDI)Level 4 Artillery 175Monster Manual, page 97 (Dwarf)
1Untha, Barlgura (DDI)Level 8 Brute 350Monster Manual, page 53 (Demon)
1Broken Beak, Bugbear Warrior (DDI)Level 5 Brute 200Monster Manual, page 135 (Goblin)
Tips: This encounter should start with a volley from the Bolters as Rithun leads First with Brimstone Hail, then (on the second round) follows up with Bile Fumes. He will use Wave of Dispair when there are three or more targets within 2 squares. Otherwise Rithun will launch Firebolts at targets until either Brimstone Hail or Vile Fumes re-charge. Untha and Broken Beak will close the gap between them and any impaired heroes with Untha loosing a Savage Howl and conducting a double attack and Broken Beak using Predatory Eye followed with a Skull thump-er on Untha's target.
Treasure: Lot #2

Encounter 7: 6th Level, 1100xp (hard)
2Galeb Duhr Earthbreaker (DDI)Level 8 Artillery 350Monster Manual, page 114 (Galeb Duhr)
1Soulrider Devil (Eralian) Eladrin Arcanist (DDI)Level 9 Artillery 400Dragon 370, page 43 (Dangers of the Demonweb)
Tips: The Eladrin, with stiff movements (almost marionette like), will lead with Acid Flame, and then will use Soulrider Sacrifice to recharge it up to 5 times. If closed with, it will change to Black Chill Blast, and Fey Step away (the first time). The Earthbreakers will Hurl Stones until closed with and then unleash a shock wave and slam those left standing.
Note: Eralian is anunwilling participant, and will be gratefull if freed.
Treasure: none

Encounter 8: 8th Level, 1717xp (I forced a hard Minion fest)
15Twisted Shardmaster (DDI)Level 10 Minion 125Dungeon 157, page 80 (In the Depths of Avarice)
Tips: They will start with a barrage of bone shards as groups of 3 will charge the party in hope of "recruiting them" like they have all the others. They will not leave this area willingly.
Treasure: Lot #1, #9, #7, #6, and #5

Major Quest: 5th Level, 1000xp.

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