Asmor's Instant Dungeon: 6th level, The Lighthouse of the Twins

  1. [Level 10 Magic Item]: Scabbard of Sacred Might (Adventurer's Vault, page 177 [Wondrous Items]) (DDI)
  2. [Level 9 Magic Item]: Loamweave Armor +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 47 [Armor]) (DDI)
  3. [Level 8 Magic Item]: Quickling Boots (Adventurer's Vault, page 129 [Feet Slot Items]) (DDI)
  4. [Level 7 Magic Item]: Martyr's Armor +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 47 [Armor]) (DDI)
  5. [1008 gp]: 1005 gp, 27 sp, 30 cp
  6. [900 gp]: 397 gp, 21 sp, 90 cp + 1 topaz (500 gp)
  7. [612 gp]: 108 gp, 32 sp, 80 cp + 1 alexandrite (500 gp)
  8. [612 gp]: 105 gp, 64 sp, 60 cp + 1 alexandrite (500 gp)
  9. [288 gp]: 283 gp, 46 sp, 40 cp
  10. [216 gp]: 111 gp, 40 sp, 100 cp + 1 moonstone (100 gp)
Encounter 1: 5th Level, 950xp
2Snap and Rend, Visejaw Crocodile (DDI)Level 4 Soldier 175Monster Manual, page 45 (Crocodile)
4Zith, Rith, Vith, and Nith, Orc Raiders (DDI)Level 3 Skirmisher 150Monster Manual, page 203 (Orc)
Tips: This encounter takes place on a narrow embankment with a short drop off (no damage) to shallow water, containing the Crocodiles, who will attack anyone entering there (lead with a bite and follow with a clamping Jaw). The Orcs will make ranged hand axe attacks until the party closes (up to 4 each) and then switch to Greataxe. When possible they will try to "encourage" opponents to "go into the water" so that the croc's can have some fun.

To see Snap and Rend, is a perception check. Rend prefers Elves and Eladrin over other targets.

is happiest fighting; Rith insults opponents very broken, bad common in combat. Vith does the "hard core" routine. Nith would rather be some where else and will flee if bloodied.
Treasure: Lot #8 with the gem being found in Snap's mouth, the coin is dispersed amonst the Orcs.

Encounter 2: 6th Level, 1350xp
4Anamor, Vertrani, Occam, Nerrial Zhent War Mage (DDI)Level 6 Artillery 250Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page 283 (Zhentarim)
1Aurther, Riding Shark (DDI)Level 8 Skirmisher 350Adventurer's Vault, page 13 (Mounts)
Tips: This encounter should occur in brackish, shallow water (3-4 feet), with the War mages on rafts (save for Nerrial mounted on Aurther) on on the other side of the crossing. For all of the warmages, Magic missiles are the choice for ranged combat. Though they will use the best of Fire blask, black vapors and Zhent Flash (of their remaining ablities they will choose the one that affects the most targets) .
Anamor gets upset when his clothes get dirty; Vetrani sports a well groomed beard; Occam, though clean shaven is constantly playing with a razor; Nerrial is constantly glancing at the sky. Aurther is a shark.
Treasure: Lot #9, dispersed amongst the War Mages.

Encounter 3: 6th Level, 1300xp
2Van and Ider, Shadar-Kai War Witch (DDI)Level 5 Controller 200Dungeon 158, page 30 (The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge)
1Rover, Dire Wolf (DDI)Level 5 Skirmisher 200Monster Manual, page 264 (Wolf)
1Veep, Kobold War Priest (DDI)Level 5 Controller 200Dragon 364, page 59 (Creature Incarnations: Kobolds)
2Ath and Shee Bladeling Spiker (DDI)Level 6 Soldier 250Manual of the Planes, page 116 (Bladeling)
Tips: Finally, dry land (ok it's still a bit marshy, but it's better than the last two locations). We find Van and Ider on a ridge, with Ath and Shee closer. Veep and Rover start under cover.
With the start of combat Ath, Shee and Rover will close under covering fire of 2 Beshadowed Mind effects (from Van and Ider) and a Devouring Stone effect (from Veep). On the round that the scrum starts Van and Ider will let loose with their Shadow Bind to immobilize targets and then use Shadow Jaunt to close. Ath and Shee make Falchion and Natural Spikes attacks every round while staying mobile, though, they will release a razor storm when flanked. Veep, doesn't want to get into melee and will use Surge of Terror to make a clearing to get away if confronted.
Veep giggles every time she hits with her Venomous Sting. Ath's blades are rusty where as Shee decorates his with scraps of flags and banners. Van is rather tall when compared to Ider's portly stout shabby dressed frame.
Treasure: Lot #4

Encounter 4: 6th Level, 1200xp
2Shtath, AndthaVenomous Abishai (DDI)Level 6 Controller 250Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page 210 (Abishai)
2Olie and Nolie, Ogre Savage (DDI)Level 8 Brute 350Monster Manual, page 199 (Ogre)
Tips: Set on a 40 foot wide path along the high ridge, with the light house visible up the hill.
Olie and Nolie obviously guard the path from around a large campfire; Shtath and Andtha are curled up in the nearby oversized tents.
The Ogre's are more than willing to parley with the party (if for no other reason than to allow the Abishai time to try and sneak up on the party. ) But really don't want to let the party pass.
In combat the Abishai will lay down the Venom cloud zones to cut off the path both forward and back. They will use Eyes of the Dragon to try to slid targets to the drop off or into the Venom zone (which ever is closer).
The Orges, they smash stuff, and when ever they can they will Use Angry Smash.
Treasure:Lot #10

Encounter 5: 7th Level, 1600xp
4Sahuagin Priest (DDI)Level 8 Artillery 350Monster Manual, page 224 (Sahuagin)
1Stone Arm, Kobold Wild Mage (DDI)Level 5 Controller 200Dragon 364, page 57 (Creature Incarnations: Kobolds)
Tips: Stone Arm is chatting with the Sahuagins on a sandy beach. The Sahuagins retreat to the water and and launch Spectral Jaws attacks, one on each target; After they will follow up with Water bolts renewing the Spectral Jaws attack when possible.
Stone Arm, is recless and crazy: He shakes his wand (as though he is trying to get a flash light to work) and then release either Wild Surge OR Wild Magic. After every effect he will look supprised but quicly become confident. When hit, he will giggle, right up to the blow that kills him, where he will giggle, then look stunned, say "Oh" and explode with a Wild Blast. He will harrass the party trying to keep then distracted and keep them from closing with the Sahuagin.
Treasure:Lot #1, #7

Encounter 6: 7th Level, 1600xp
1Grick Alpha (DDI)Level 9 Brute (Leader)400Monster Manual, page 145 (Grick)
2Dryad (DDI)Level 9 Skirmisher 400Monster Manual, page 96 (Dryad)
1Worg (DDI)Level 9 Brute 400Monster Manual, page 265 (Worg)
Tips: This encounter is set amonst some large scrubby bushes sheltering a vibrant gardin, fairly near the light house. The Dryads take on the disguise of a human couple and perport to be the light house keepers. Hiding amonst the Exotic flowers is the Alpha Grick. The Dryads' pet Worg is napping in the bushes and will emerge with a fright full growl if they are attacked.
Treasure:Lot #3

Encounter 7: 7th Level, 1600xp
4Kalaka (DDI)Level 9 Soldier 400Dragon 369, page 31 (Demonomicon of Iggwilv)
Tips: Working in pairs the Kalaka will close: when at range 6 each will use Unexpected Reinforcements to flank as many targets as possible, and then choose one of the duplicates to remain (effectively closing to range 2 or less). Once a pair is in place they will make glave attacks and bat (shift) PC between them. When close to death, the Kalaka close to be adjacent to as many targets as possible to maximize Spewing Death, even if they risk opportunity attacks.
Treasure: Lot #6

Encounter 8: 9th Level, 2000xp
2Sthaha, Shallin, Medusa Archer (DDI)Level 10 Elite Controller 1000Monster Manual, page 186 (Medusa)
Tips:Together on a balcony (cover), in flowing hooded cloaks (perception/Dungeonering to determine creature type, though each round it will get easier), Sthaha and Shallin will target heros that try to close with them first (trying to ensure that they are well poisoned), Followed by ranged attackers. If any hero gets within 5 squares of either of them, One will pelt the target with an arrow (and poison) while the other releases the Petrifying Gaze.
Treasure:Lots #2 and #5

6th Level Major Quest: 1,250xp

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