Writing for the Sake of Writing

I have found my self falling into my old (decades old) high school habits: Doing the homework, but failing to turn it in. Example: I have created the skeletons "Asmor's Instant Dungeons" completing the series all the way to level 30. I just need to assigne the treasure and write up a few tips on how to handle each encounter and they would be done. Yet, for the last week they have sat idol in my queue. (Palm slaps Head).

Enough Venting, time to get writing.

In the mean time here is some link love: Sham/Dave, Amityville Mike on the one page Dungeon template that would work wonderfully with the instant dungeons: and I have been playing with Ghgowiz Old Guy RPG Blog which linked to a number of very nice tutorials on Dungeon and Map making with Gimp. The Dungeons with Gimp was suprisingly easy to follow and produces a spiffy looking map in not too many steps. I think I will next try the Regional Map with Gimp tutorial and see how that goes.

Also from Outsyder Gaming, I found a link in a comment to a javascript 4E character generator.

I did create another blog (yup, can't keep one blog up to date, so I go and create another one (sigh)) to house my actual game running and creation called Tales of the Table.

Like I stated: enough venting, get writing.

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