Gimp Mapping-Fu

Using the photo I posted yesterday I have been practicing my l33t mapping skills in gimp following RobA's tutorial Using GIMP to Create an Artistic Regional RPG Map at Cartographers Guild.com I thought I would post the result of too many hours of practice. (click the thumbnail for a larger 1.4 Meg version.)

It is still not where I want it to be, but it is getting much closer.
Though the mountains and forests look pretty good, the grass/land needs improvement; I still haven't added the city and forest of glass on the southwest Continent on the river delta; I need more labels for things; The islands need help and the sea texture is a bit too coarse; I also need to add a compass rose, scale and other eye candy.

Snorkey: all I see are masks, bump maps and textures.


  1. I did this too...though mine was mainly for a handout style map.

    You can see it here -


    Looks like a good start to me!

  2. Dam I hate it when the obsession over comes my sense of simplisty. In hind sight I now realize that I could have done the much simpler map and rolled with it (Who knows if this new game will hold my groups interest long enough to make worth the effort.)

    Thanks for the complement,