Asmor's Instant Dungeon: 7th level, Cave of the Last Flames

I envision this as a salt dome with burbling pools of tar and Gas Jets.

  1. [Level 11 Magic Item]: Dynamic Weapon +3 (Adventurer's Vault, page 68 [Weapons]) (DDI)
  2. [Level 10 Magic Item]: Lifedrinker Weapon +2 (Player's Handbook, page 235 [Magic Weapons]) (DDI)
  3. [Level 9 Magic Item]: Green Thumbs (Adventurer's Vault, page 135 [Hands Slot Items]) (DDI)
  4. [Level 8 Magic Item]: Stout Weapon +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 78 [Weapons]) (DDI)
  5. [1456 gp]: 1450 gp, 51 sp, 90 cp
  6. [1300 gp]: 1290 gp, 91 sp, 90 cp
  7. [884 gp]: 878 gp, 58 sp, 20 cp
  8. [884 gp]: 878 gp, 54 sp, 60 cp
  9. [416 gp]: 314 gp, 12 sp, 80 cp + 1 peridot (100 gp)
  10. [312 gp]: 110 sp, 100 cp + 3 turqoise gems (100 gp each)
Encounter 1: 6th Level, 1300xp
1Dire Stirge (DDI)Level 7 Lurker 300Monster Manual, page 246 (Stirge)
4Zhent War Mage (DDI)Level 6 Artillery 250Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page 283 (Zhentarim)
Tips:These four fanatically defend the entrance to the temple. On each round one of them will set off Black Vapors to harm as many targets as possible. At range they will use Magic Missiles. Up close they will use Zhent Flash (when surrounded) or Fire Blast (in melee).
The Stirge will attack bloodied targets, and is basically only looking for an easy meal.
Treasure: Lot #9

Encounter 2:7th Level, 1600xp
4Dragonborn Elementalist (DDI)Level 8 Artillery 350Dragon 365, page 34 (Ecology of the Dragonborn)
1Bugbear Warrior (DDI)Level 5 Brute 200Monster Manual, page 135 (Goblin)
Tips:The Bugbear will attempt to draw all opponents to himself, while the Dragonborn Lead with Icicle Spray, Acid Rain, Dragon Breath, and finally Lighting Blast until closed with.
Treasure:Lot #10

Encounter 3: 7th Level (Hard), 1500xp
1Crocotta (DDI)Level 9 Skirmisher (Leader)400Dragon 364, page 14 (Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Yeenoghu)
3Troglodyte Mauler (DDI)Level 6 Soldier 250Monster Manual, page 252 (Trogolodyte)
1Mindscrambler (DDI)Level 8 Skirmisher 350Dungeon 160, page 50 (Den of the Destroyer)
Tips:The Crocatta will start by closing, releasing Haunting Laughter, Morphic Vistage on the first round. Then the troglodytes will join the scrum Bighting, and swinging their Greatclub. The Mindscrambler will waddle into the fray attemting to make a mess of the intruders' lines by shifting them into either the Crocatta or Trog's.
Treasure: Lot #4

Encounter 4: 7th Level, 1600xp
4Soulrider Devil Eladrin Arcanist (DDI)Level 9 Artillery 400Dragon 370, page 8 (Dangers of the Demonweb)
Tips: The Arcanists move like marronetts, and wisper pleasees for freedom to the party as they Throw out Black Chill Blasts, Acid Flame and then resorts to using their longswords. Their controllers will use Soulrider Sacrifice frequently.
Treasure: Lot #3

Encounter 5: 8th Level, 1700xp
1Ettin Marauder (DDI)Level 10 Elite Soldier 1000Monster Manual, page 108 (Ettin)
1Oni Night Haunter (DDI)Level 8 Elite Controller 700Monster Manual, page 200 (Oni)
Tips: These two (three) creatures are friends and fight together with the Oni trying to knock targets out with Hypnotic Breath (It tries to keep one target unconcuss, preferabley away from, so that they have a ready target for Devour Soul). If sourrounded, it will assume Gaseous Form and driff out of combat (to heal if bloodied). In the mean time the Ettin will try and keep the party focused upon it.
Treasure: Lot #2

Encounter 6: 8th Level, 1800xp
1Gibbering Mouther (DDI)Level 10 Controller 500Monster Manual, page 126 (Gibbering Beast)
2Lost One Underboss (DDI)Level 8 Controller 350Dungeon 160, page 29 (Den of the Destroyer)
1Foulspawn Grue (DDI)Level 8 Controller 350Monster Manual, page 112 (Foulspawn)
1Minotaur Skeleton (DDI)Level 6 Soldier 250Dungeon 156, page 120 (Echoes of Thunderspire Labyrinth)
Tips: This is a huge chamber with five large, shallow pits (each containing a controller), with the Gibbering Mouther farthest from the entrance. There is a lone Minotaur Skeleton standing at a point equaldistant from each of the pits. None of the Creatures will work together. The Skeleton will only assult targets within range.
Treasure: Lots: #7 and #8 (spread amonst the controllers).

Encounter 7: 8th Level(hard), 1875xp
1Oni Mage (DDI)Level 10 Elite Lurker 1000Monster Manual, page 201 (Oni)
1Will-o'-Wisp (DDI)Level 10 Lurker 500P1: King of the Trollhaunt Warrens, page 22 (Will-o-'Wisp)
5Charnel Rat (DDI)Level 7 Minion 75H3: Pyramid of Shadows, page 20 (Charnel Rat)
Tips: The Rats will swarm out and attempt to mob a single target. The Oni Mage will use Lighting Storm then Freezing Blast, and pound upon unmobbed targets with it's greatsword.
The Will-o'-Wisp will be dark at first until it can use Luring Glow or Glimmer Wisp. As soon as it is bloodied, it will try and use Life Drain. If missed by an attack it will Blink out and move to a new, preferably preoccupied target.
Treasure:Lots #6

Encounter 8: 10th Level, 2500xp
3Firelasher (DDI)Level 11 Skirmisher 600Monster Manual, page 104 (Elemental)
1Fithrichen (DDI)Level 12 Controller 700P2: Demon Queen's Enclave, page 18 (Shunned)
Tips:The Fithrichen sitting upon a pile of auful, will sculltle up the near by wall to a position above the party (the firelashers will try to keep them busy) so that it can a Disgorge Spiders Zone. It will then drop down into combat within the zone. The Firelashers will Whirlwind Dash through the party. Then they will close to release Wildfire Cyclones. They will not enter the Spider Zone.
Treasure: Lots #1 and Lots #5

Major Quest 7th Level: 1750xp

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