Asmor's Instant Dungeon: 8th level Garden of The Ghoul Lord

The Ghoul Lord, a resurrected foul soul that not even Hell could contain, has been given dominion over a garden of torment here in the world.

  1. [Level 12 Magic Item]: Gem of Colloquy (Adventurer's Vault, page 141 [Head Slot Items]) (DDI)
  2. [Level 11 Magic Item]: Blacksmelt Weapon +3 (Adventurer's Vault, page 64 [Weapons]) (DDI)
  3. [Level 10 Magic Item]: Shared Suffering Armor +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 51 [Armor]) (DDI)
  4. [Level 9 Magic Item]: Lifetapper Rod +2 (Adventurer's Vault, page 99 [Rods]) (DDI)
  5. [1904 gp]: 1903 gp, 100 cp
  6. [1700 gp]: 1699 gp, 100 cp
  7. [1156 gp]: 1149 gp, 61 sp, 90 cp
  8. [1156 gp]: 154 gp, 15 sp, 50 cp + 1 emerald (1000 gp)
  9. [544 gp]: 537 gp, 63 sp, 70 cp
  10. [408 gp]: 202 gp, 55 sp, 50 cp + 2 garnet gems (100 gp each)
Encounter 1: 7th Level, 1400xp
1Inferno Abishai (DDI)Level 8 Elite Soldier 700Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page 211 (Abishai)
2Galeb Duhr Earthbreaker (DDI)Level 8 Artillery 350Monster Manual, page 114 (Galeb Duhr)
Tips:The Abishai will fly and sting, close and Claw Fury or Claw the next round. It will use Blinding Flames when an enemy shifts. The Galeb Duhr will Hurl Stones and set off a shock wave when targets close with it.
Treasure:Lot #9

Encounter 2: 8th Level, 1750xp
2Cultist Thug (DDI)Level 8 Skirmisher 350Dungeon 157, page 75 (In the Depths of Avarice)
2Bladeling Razorguard (DDI)Level 8 Artillery 350Manual of the Planes, page 116 (Bladeling)
1Dragonborn Elementalist (DDI)Level 8 Artillery 350Dragon 365, page 34 (Ecology of the Dragonborn)
Tips:The Cultists and Razorguards, followers of the Ghoul Lord, will take the front line pelting the party with shortbows/longbows until the party gets to melee range OR one of them have fallen, then they switch to Shortwords/longswords and Deft Strikes. The Razorguards will use Razor Storm ath their first opportunity. The Elemenalist with start with Acid Rain and then Lighting Until she can use her Icicle Spray and Dragon Breath (Fire) combo. She will use Winging Wind to escape the first melee hit against her, especially if she can push the attacker into the Cultists or Bladelings.
Treasure: Lot #4

Encounter 3: 8th Level, 1700xp
1Squamous Maw (DDI)Level 10 Elite Soldier 1000Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page 231 (Squamous Thing)
2Elephant (DDI)Level 8 Brute 350Adventurer's Vault, page 12 (Mounts)
Tips: The Maw is hunting the Elephants, but easily distracted by smaller, shinier prey. The Elephants are trapped here and are in a panic. Assume that the Maw's Breath weapon needs to be recharged before it can be used upon the party.
Treasure: (Note the Elephants may be calmed using a Level 8, complexity 2 (6 successes before 3 failures) skill challenge in place of combat (though the Maw may be less than accommodating); otherwise none.

Encounter 4: 8th Level,1750
1Bladeling Ironmage (DDI)Level 10 Elite 1000Manual of the Planes, page 116 (Bladeling)
3Dire Boar (DDI)Level 6 Brute 250Monster Manual, page 35 (Boar)
Tips: Much like the previous encounter, the Bladeling is hunting Boar. The Boar have been reduced to bloodied status and are in a pannic. They could be calmed with a level 6 Complexity 3 (8 success before 3 failures) Skill challenge, but the Ironmage will not stand for its sport being taken away. In combat it will use it's shrapnel burst on the tightest cluster of targets in range. It will then close with the softest looking targets, Daring them to hit (which will then release the Improved Razor Storm.) The Ironmage prefers to make melee attacks will use the Short Sword in preference to the Razor Dart ranged attacks. If the Shrapnel burst recharges OR it is confronted by an opponent with some stamina it will spend it's action point to move away (and preferably tward softer targets).

Encounter 5: 9th Level,2100xp
2Dragonborn Exemplar of Tiamat (DDI)Level 7 Elite Soldier 600Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page 214 (Dragonborn)
3Troglodyte Impaler (DDI)Level 7 Artillery 300Monster Manual, page 252 (Trogolodyte)
Tips:The Dragonborn are followers of the Ghoul Lord and will punish the transgresses with Battle Surge and an occasional Vile Strike/Dragon Breath Combo. The Trogs are behind partial cover and will make Javelin/Impaling Shots as possible. They are reluctant to enter actual melee combat.
Treasure:Lot #3 and #8

Encounter 6: 9th Level(hard), 1950xp
1Ogre Savage (DDI)Level 8 Brute 350Monster Manual, page 199 (Ogre)
1Two-Headed Troll (DDI)Level 10 Elite Brute 1000Dungeon 161, page 78 (The Temple Between)
1Corroded Helmed Horror (DDI)Level 11 Soldier 600Dungeon 161, page 109 (Touch of Madness)
Tips:The Troll is in command of the other two and will instruct them to impede the balance of the party as it goes toe-to-toe with the most heavily armored or armed PC, before moving on to the next strongest looking PC. If a second PC moves to flank the Troll it will use it's Smackdown on the flanker and growl "I'll get to you later", or "Wait your turn, back stabber". The heads are in a friendly competition for who does the most damage to the hero's.
Treasure:Lot #7

Encounter 7: 9th Level (hard), 2100xp
1Briar Hag (DDI)Level 12 Controller 700P1: King of the Trollhaunt Warrens, page 18 (Hag)
3Cambion Hellsword (DDI)Level 8 Brute 350Monster Manual, page 39 (Cambion)
1Lost One Underboss (DDI)Level 8 Controller 350Dungeon 160, page 29 (Den of the Destroyer)
Tips:The Underboss will help the Cambion's get into position and shuffle them into flanking configurations from it's perch atop a dead tree (throwing daggers as needed). The Briar hag disguised as a young human woman, will cut off escape or approach with Call Briar. Dancing (and singing) amongst blinding scattered PC's with her Rake the Eyes attack. The Hellswords live for the fight and will charge (Whirlwind Charge) any cluster of PCs.
Treasure:Lot #6 and #2

Encounter 8: 11th Level, 3240xp
1Abyssal Ghoul Pack Leader (DDI)Level 12 Elite Skirmisher (Leader)1400Dungeon 156, page 64 (The Haunting of Kincep Mansion)
1Bone Naga Guardian (DDI)Level 12 Elite Controller 1400Dungeon 157, page 74 (In the Depths of Avarice)
5Wicked Fang Recruit (DDI)Level 8 Minion 88Dungeon 160, page 53 (Den of the Destroyer)
Tips:The Ghoul Lord is more than willing to "Chat" with the PC's as the Fang Body guards eye them hungrily. The Bone Naga is curled around it's lord's feet. When negotiations break down, all but the Naga will boldly approach the party and dive into melee. The Naga will close the gap enough to catch PC's in it's Death Sway, which it will repeat until forced to do otherwise.
Treausre:Lot #1, #5 and #10.

Major Quest: 8th Level, 1,750xp

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