Asmor's Instant Dungeon

Taking a dose of my own medicine I will now create a dungeon in 45 min using Asmor to help me build encounters and select treasure lots.

So starting with the Treasure lots:

  1. [Level 5 Magic Item]: Bloodthread Armor +1 (Player's Handbook, page 227 (Magic Armor))
  2. [Level 4 Magic Item]: Bloodcut Armor +1 (Player's Handbook, page 227 (Magic Armor))
  3. [Level 3 Magic Item]: Eladrin Armor +1 (Player's Handbook, page 230 (Magic Armor))
  4. [Level 2 Magic Item]: Resounding Weapon +1 (Player's Handbook, page 236 (Magic Weapons))
  5. [201.6 gp]: 198 gp, 27 sp, 90 cp
  6. [180 gp]: 75 gp, 47 sp, 30 cp + 1 peridot (100 gp)
  7. [122.4 gp]: 17 gp, 45 sp, 90 cp + 1 moonstone (100 gp)
  8. [122.4 gp]: 120 gp, 19 sp, 50 cp
  9. [57.6 gp]: 51 gp, 57 sp, 90 cp
  10. [43.2 gp]: 34 gp, 84 sp, 80 cp
Now to pick encounters: (I am limiting the sources to just the monster manual for simplicity).

Encounter 1: level 1, 375 xp

Elf ArcherLevel 2 Artillery 125Monster Manual, page 106 (Elf)
1Human BanditLevel 2 Skirmisher 125Monster Manual, page 162 (Human)
Note: The bandit is playing a delaying tatict, trying to keep the PC's off the archers, so he will flee from the Melee opponents and close with ranged attackers when ever possible. The terrain should be filled with obsticals that provide cover, the archers should be located behind concealment and spread out.
Treasure: Lot #10.

Encounter 2: Level 1, 500 xp

4Goblin SharpshooterLevel 2 Artillery 125Monster Manual, page 137 (Goblin)
Note: the goblins should be equal distance from the group at start but in opposite corners.
Treasure: Lot #9

Encounter 3: Level 1, 525 xp

3Kruthik YoungLevel 2 Brute 125Monster Manual, page 170 (Kruthik)
1PseudodragonLevel 3 Lurker 150Monster Manual, page 91 (Drake)
Note: Intererior encounter with high celings, the Kruthik Young conduct a straight up attack against the nearest opponent, while the pseudodragon does flyby attacks on ranged attackers and spell casters.
Treasure: Lot #4

Encounter 4: Level 1, 524 xp

4Kobold SlingerLevel 1 Artillery 100Monster Manual, page 168 (Kobold)
4Kruthik HatchlingLevel 2 Minion 31Monster Manual, page 170 (Kruthik)
Note: The hungry hatchlings disperse through the party as quicly as possible, The slingers, in two groups of two, evade melee combat as long as possible, trying to pin the party down with special shots (one glue, 2 fire each).
Treasure: none.

Encounter 5: Level 2, 600 xp

2Guard DrakeLevel 2 Brute 125Monster Manual, page 90 (Drake)
1Gnome ArcanistLevel 3 Controller (Leader)150Monster Manual, page 134 (Gnome)
2Fire BeetleLevel 1 Brute 100Monster Manual, page 30 (Beetle)
Note: Interior encounter; The PC's will first see the Gnome Arcanist, and when they are close enough will fire off his illusinary terrain (standard action), followed by a Fey Step to move into position while the brutes attack. From there she will unleash scintalting bolts(standard) at the melee combatants, and Startling Gamor (minor) to pack in straglers, or keep PC's away from her. The fire beetles will lead with their fire spray and when ever it recharges.
Treasure: Lot #3 and lot #8

Encounter 6: Level 2, 675 xp

3Ettercap Fang GuardLevel 4 Skirmisher 175Monster Manual, page 107 (Ettercap)
1ImpLevel 3 Lurker 150Monster Manual, page 63 (Devil)
Note: The Ettercaps' will try to entagle then bite, or strike while the imp (supervisor to the gnome in Encounter 5), will on alternating rounds vanish (standard)/fly (move) or Bite (standard)/Fly (move) to keep its wereabouts unknown.

Treasure: None

Encounter 7: Level 4, 850 xp

4Doppelganger SneakLevel 3 Skirmisher 150Monster Manual, page 71 (Doppelganger)
1Shadar-kai GloombladeLevel 6 Lurker 250Monster Manual, page 230 (Shadar-Kai)
Note: Initaly the doppelgangers will appear as helpless individuals to try and draw the party in, at which point they will initate the attack. Otherwise they will work in pairs to attempt to flank a single PC so that they get extra damage. The gloomblade will use its Veil of Shadows and Gloom strike to try and blind melee combatants until bloodied, then it will make use single use of it's shadow jaunt power to try and flank with a doppelganger on a bloodied target.
Treasure: The gloomblade wields Lot #1, with lot #7 and #6 on their persons.

Encounter 8: Level 2, 657 xp

3Phantom WarriorLevel 4 Soldier 175Monster Manual, page 116 (Ghost)
1Hobgoblin WarcasterLevel 3 Controller (Leader)150Monster Manual, page 140 (Goblin)
Note: The phantom warriors will attempt to disperse amonst the PC to maximize their Phantom Tatics ability. Mean while the Hobgoblin warcaster will close with the artillery and use Force Lure to keep melee combatants packed in with the Phantom Warriors or Force Pulse to knock them down (as he is able to), other wise he will bludgeon ranged attackers with excessive glee (leading with Shockstaff).
Treasure: Lot #6 and Lot #5.

Major Quest: Level 1, 500 xp and Treasure Lot #2.

This gives us a total of 5,206 xp's.

It took just over 2 hours to do including formating.

Now to create the actual adventure...


  1. Ain't Asmor grand? :D

    I've done something similar for a few one-shot adventures, using his random Treasure generator to create the parcels (but adding in Potions of Healing in place of some of the cash - the generator omits those!).

    Instead of using the encounter generator though I use the Encounter Table list I made of all the pre-built encounters from the Monster Manual, eyeballing a good, consistent mix across the level spread. This makes it easier to keep a linked theme. Add one dungeon map, allocate the parcels and adjust to taste.

    Works for me :D

  2. Ok, so I can't spell even when I am looking at it in a browser tab. (sigh). I corrected this, and by the power of digital content, it is as though it never happened.

    Thanks for the tip on the spelling.

    Greywulf, I have looked at your encounters list and found it amazing. I decided to try out Asmor's encounter generator to see if it would indeed make a GM's job a bit easier. So far so good. For me it made a great starting point.