Panic Attack: Four Days: Encounter Mix

To promote a party of 6 characters to 2nd level requires 6,000 xp. Based upon the guidelines from page 104 of the Dungeon Masters Guide I think the encounter breakdown should look like this:


14506 minons (lvl 1 at 25xp or 150xp total); 3 Skirmishers (lvl 1 at 100xp or 300xp total)
25004 minons(lvl 1 at 25xp or 100); 3 Skirmishers (lvl 1 at 100xp or 300x); 1 Brute (lvl 1 at 100xp)
35502 minons(lvl 1 at 25xp for 50xp); 1 Skrimisher (lvl 1 at 100xp); 1 Brute (lvl 1 at 100xp); 3 artillery (lvl 1 at 100xp for 300xp total)
46003 infested Deer (3rd level creatures 150xp each)
56508 minons (lvl 1 at 25xp for 200xp); 4th level trap (200xp) and 2 lurkers (2nd lvl at 125 or 250xp)
67002 brutes (1st lvl 100xp or 200xp), 2 artillery (1st lvl for 200xp total); and a controler (3rd lvl elite at 300xp)
7750Controlled villagers (1st lvl minion at 25xp each, max of 10 no more than 4 active at a time) and Queen(1st lvl solo);
8800Temple skill challenge; most likely in several parts.
91000To kill a god

With the controlled creatures an attack targeted at the Fell Mind Bore OR any area affect spell that penetrates its defenses will return the controlled creature to a normal state of mind.
This is just a first pass and is subject to change.

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