The Quantium Nature of Plots: Intrest

Previously I stated that a plot that does not interest the PC is also a waste of effort as they won't interact with the plot and won't bother to observe it further.

When crafting a plot you will need to take steps to both figure out hooks for each of your players AND what the Characters would find interesting:

  • Power gamer/Slayer is all about combat: give them some "foreign raiders" from country A in country B that are actually "Agent Provocateurs" to beat into submission; Or give them a press gang to pummel.
  • The Actor will want to talk to the Patriotic citizen, Sultry Bard, let them.
  • The Investigator will need plenty of clues planted as to who the actual threat is.
  • The Explorer should be shown communication magic, that works until it is compromised; Code books; Secret languages; Half a map with no keys.
  • The Storyteller can be lured in by the annoucnement , rumors and news.
  • The Thinker will hopefully be entertained by the antics of the others but effort should be taken to keep them guessing as to the true nature of the plot.
  • The Watcher should also enjoy the seeing others act on the plot, but be sure to have the Plot's NPC interact with them directly. The Merchant see them as an "easy mark"; the Sultry Bard works them over for information.
A boring plot, or one that has only perfunctory interest from the Players is a waste of everyone's time. Engage the Players or try something else.

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