The Quantium Nature of Plots: Observation

Previously I had stated that a unobserved plot is only good for GM entertainment. While an unrevealed plot may become important latter, until it's effects are demonstrated to the PC's it remains a waste of effort.

So show the players the effect of the plot even if they or the plot is not ready yet. That Machiavellian machination plot of country C trying to start a war between Country A and Country B scheduled for levels 11-15: sure it will be interesting when it happens, but the PC's will have more involvement if:

  • They find Inflammatory posters and announcements about Country A in country B.
  • The hear a sultry bard telling story's in Country B about how decadent/Militaristic/Corrupt/Foolish the people of Country A are.
  • They know that the local smith is over worked and back-ordered on military equipment.
  • A merchant from country A offers to buy "used" equipment for 2-3x the normal asking price.
  • If that sultry Bard in the tavern keeps chatting the warrior up about keep defenses and outpost locations.
  • They encounter extra security/inspection/suspicion/restriction as they enter a community.
  • They see fields lying fallow or the crops unharvested.
If the GM sprinkles these little tidbits throughout the first 10 levels of the PC's lives then when war comes at level 11 they will be more than ready.

If the PC's cannot "see" the plot's through its effects upon the world then don't bother with it.

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