The Quantium Nature of Plots: Influence

Previously I stated that an unobserved plot is a waste of effort, so is a plot that the players have no possibility of influencing or acting upon.

Now by Acting I do not mean that the players can necessarily defeat it at 1st level, just that they can have some sort of interaction with it. They could:

  • Try to find out who put up the posters or paid for the announcements. (a patriotic citizen, or a fifth column).
  • Talk with the Sultry Bard and hear her lies.
  • Bargain with the merchant.
  • Deal with suspicious town guards.
  • Discover the Sultry Bards' lies.
  • Visit Country A and discover identical posters, the same merchant and the same Sultry bard.
All of this will lead the PC toward the plot and give them some much needed Role Play between Dungeon blood Baths.

If the PC's cannot interact with what they observe, then don't bother showing them.

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