Here is the first in a line of VERY generic NPCs. They are but a framework of personality and situation from which you can gain inspiration.
Core Concept:Cautious Student
Appearance:Shorter, fresh out of college. Their hair is somewhat unkempt. Their dress is precise, if conservative clothing.
Personality:Full of ideas, but conveys them with a weak voice. Often defers to a veteran authority even when the authority is wrong.
Family:Newly married.
Friends:Large extended circle of academic friends who share similar experiences.
Enemies:The immediate superior or mentor to this person is a constant nemesis, having vetoed their ideas, placed barriers to plans and goals.
Formative Exp:Has been constantly held back by the well meaning mentor.
Party Ties:Through the interaction with the PLOT this person hopes to gain the success that the mentor denned.
Fears/Dreams:Of a happy family life, fears that the Mentor will continue their interference.
Hobbies/Interests:Enjoys activities with the new spouse, and friends, but is looking for more excitement and action.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The person knows that the Mentor is holding them back. Is infuriated at the constant blockage but feels unable to keep the mentor from continuing their obstructive behavior.
History:The previous romantic relationship failed badly.
Home:The Mentor is beginning to overshadow the spouse who is rebelling, which is causing problems for this person.
Agendas:To find success and independence, to surpass the mentor, to gain the mentor's approval.
Motivation:The person wish to gain approval of peers and the mentor. They want to have success and fame.
Plot Hook 1:Is developing a secret plan to undermine/embarrass the Mentor and needs assistance.
Plot Hook 2:The person and their spouse need to escape from the Mentor.
Plot Hook 3:The Mentor feels that the spouse is a bad influence on the person and wishes to have them removed or their influence diminished.
Plot Hook 4:The Mentor has a new project in the works, for which the person is the primary participant. The Person wishes to co-opt the project and may involve the heroes.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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