Core Concept:A Busy Body
Appearance:New clothing, middle aged, and somewhat out of place.
Personality:Tries to make everyone's life better even though they have failed to do so for themselves.
Family:A moment of indecision resulted in the ruin of their family.
Friends:Powerful and wealthy.
Enemies:A former target of this persons "Assistance", which resulted in loss for the target, is seeking to cause harm to the person.
Formative Exp:A spectacular success of the persons' actions in the distant past has given the person an unfounded confidence that everyone is in need of their "Assistance" in all matters.
Party Ties: One or more heroes are victims of this person's assistance.
Fears/Dreams:Dreams of finding a soul mate. They hopes to help everyone achieve happiness.
Hobbies/Interests:Collects Gossip, and dispenses the same with little regard to the recipient.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:Cannot stand to see someone unhappy, and will assist them with poor advice and badly chosen words.
History:The person has lost much in the way of material wealth and possessions. The feelings of Happiness and contentment that were once common place now elude the person.
Home:The person is in a new romantic relationship, but the "assistance" rendered to others is causing problems that the person is unable to fix.
Relationships:Five of Wands: Harmony, new opportunities, generosity
Agendas:To help everyone.
Motivation:To make the world a better place despite all the failures.
Plot Hook 1:The heroes encounter the Person in the company of a con-artist who has made the person a target.
Plot Hook 2:The heroes attend a "match making" event sponsored by the person, where the person attempts to match them up with exactly the wrong person.
Plot Hook 3:The person approaches the Heroes, asking for assistance with their current relationship which is failing. Horrid suggestions as to a remedy with be given by the Person.
Plot Hook 4:The romantic partner of the person wants the Person to change their ways and needs the Heroes help to do so.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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