Core Concept:Tourist.
Appearance:Foreign attire, poor understating of local language/customs. Alien/shocking in appearance.
Personality:Confused, out of sorts, distracted.
Family:Artists or crafters whose reputation has suffered due to a decline in quality.
Friends:None, the person has alienated most people due to suspicion on their part.
Enemies:A former romantic interest who the person feels wronged them.
Formative Exp:This ineptitude of this person has caused the decline in the family's reputation.
Party Ties:The Heroes come upon the person in a state of helplessness, where the person is unable to function in the current situation.
Fears/Dreams:Dreams of success, Fears failure, which is frequent due to the person's desire to "short cut" the system.
Hobbies/Interests:Enjoys new experiences and novelty. They collect trinkets of no value other than sentimental.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:Cannot see their own incompetence, that their shortsightedness is causing problems to themselves.
History:A hidden, yet spectacular failure in the recent past cause conflict with the Enemy and is the cause of the journey to this foreign land.
Home:The person is unwelcome in their homeland, and the current obsession with the enemy is making them unwelcome in this one.
Relationships:Lack of understanding and communication is causing much friction to those around the person. A personal sense of entitlement is also not helping them.
Agendas:To vanquish the enemy and return home with the reputation re-instated.
Motivation: Though obsessed with the enemy, the person is indecisive about the method to archive their goals.
Plot Hook 1:The person gloms on to one of the Heroes who understand their language/customs as a translator/assistant.
Plot Hook 2:Without usable currency, the heroes encounter the person in a situation where they are unable to render restitution for goods/servers that were given.
Plot Hook 3:An agent of the enemy attempts to misinform the Heroes about the Person.
Plot Hook 4:The Heroes become involved in the person's sightseeing expedition/recon on the Enemy.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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