Core Concept:Conflicted Believer
Appearance:Their clothing is threadbare and poor. They are not to be bothered with worldly tasks like grooming or personal hygiene.
Personality:The drive of their faith is overwhelming; however they try to be reserved as they can be. They are vocal and forthcoming to those who would listen, persistent with those who won't.
Family:The person's family has been harmed for the persons.
Friends:None, the person has alienated all former friends.
Enemies:Themselves, the person is in constant conflict with themselves in that they wish to not have this calling, but feel almost helpless in the face of it. The Authorities and society in general also wish this person failure in their cause.
Formative Exp:A sudden traumatic event left the person with the Calling, to which they are almost helpless to resist.
Party Ties:A former friend or relative of one or more of the heroes.
Fears/Dreams:The person fears that they will never be rid of the Calling, but also fears its departure.
Hobbies/Interests:The person enjoys being alone, surrounded by plants, as the calling is not as strong.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The person will not see the cost that their actions are causing. The person cannot compromise in any way with regard to their calling.
History:The person was once acclaimed, famed or otherwise powerful until the Event caused the calling.
Home:The person is largely homeless. Though they do have a few places to shelter.
Relationships:The person fails in most relationships, the calling is uncompromising. The callings tenets are acceptable to only a few.
Agendas:The calling demands converts, the person wishes to reduce the calling so that they might return to some semblance of normalcy.
Motivation:The calling wants everyone to believe with the same conviction as the person. The person wishes respite from the calling.
Plot Hook 1:The person disrupts a social event that the Heroes are participating in.
Plot Hook 2:The person wishes to understand the true nature of the calling with the assistance of the Heroes.
Plot Hook 3:An interested authority wishes harm upon the person.
Plot Hook 4:The people, along with a large number of well armed or intentioned fellow believers, are approaching. The heroes' intervention could prevent a bad situation from escalating.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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