Core Concept:Grafter/Swindler
Appearance:Suspicious, blandly dressed.
Personality:Twofaced, friendly on one side, ruthless and conniving on the other.
Family:The extensive family mostly realized the true nature of the person and keeps them at a distance.
Friends:Disloyal sycophants, thieves and other swindlers. None of whom the person trusts.
Enemies:A wealthy patron, who enjoys fine arts and collecting. This third person was to be a target, but saw through them and caused harm to the person.
Formative Exp:During youth the person's family moved from place to place frequently. This produced few ties and fewer consequences for poor choices made by the person. The persons Desires were constantly denied due to resource shortages.
Party Ties:The Heroes know of the Person third hand through their actions and how it affected the third party.
Fears/Dreams:Dreams of becoming "Rich Enough", but doesn't wish to do so through normal channels. They abhor violence.
Hobbies/Interests:Collects extortion material "just in case" but has never had need to use it.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:If he Legal Authorities become involved the person will leave for a distant location with all due speed.
History:Being the recipient of several cons, a desire for easy wealth, have made this person who they are.
Home:Transitory, and ephemeral. They are ready to move on at a moment's notice.
Relationships:Everyone this person meets is either a target, or a co-conspirator.
Agendas:To gain "Enough Wealth", To engage in the "Big Swindle".
Motivation:To eventually get out of the game before it's too late.
Plot Hook 1:A former victim of the Person desires the Heroes' help in gaining Justice/Restitution from the person, if they can be found.
Plot Hook 2:The person, has had enough, and wishes the aid of the Heroes help in destroying the power of the Person's current master.
Plot Hook 3:The Person has a job for the Heroes as a part of the latest plan. The proposed payoff is disproportionally large, but really be a "taste of ashes" at best.
Plot Hook 4:The heroes happened to be in the same place as the Person, their current victim, and a former victim who is out to cause harm to the Person in as expedient a fashion as possible.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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