Core Concept:Impulsive student.
Appearance:Fresh faced, trendy clothes, stylish hair, piercing eyes.
Personality:Greedy for knowledge, impatient with the "System", looking for a short cut to wisdom.
Family:This person has fallen out of favor with their family.
Friends:Other students. This person spends much time in discussion with their peers in the open areas of this place of learning.
Enemies:A fellow older student, who has seen what they consider to be their favor swing to this person.
Formative Exp:This person was a bit of a uninspired dullard, board with the world until a mysterious encounter ignited their mind and imagination.
Party Ties:The heroes may be or have been the subjects of this person's researches.
Fears/Dreams:Dreams of learning the truth, depth and totality of a subject. They fear a return to their previous state.
Hobbies/Interests:Competes in games involving trivia about trivial subjects.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:This person cannot see the negative gossip that surrounds them. This person cannot stand to see their achievement go unrecognized.
History:Prior to the mysterious encounter, this person never had ambition, or a creative thought.
Home:This person's home is filled with books, diagrams, thoughts and friends.
Relationships:This person has unreserved openness and energy with everyone they meet.
Agendas:The person feels blocked in their advancement by small and petty system.
Motivation:Feelings of worthlessness chase this person, forcing them to strive to prove them not true.
Plot Hook 1:This person desires the assistance of the Heroes in overcoming obstacles, both real and perceived.
Plot Hook 2:This person's enemies wish professional, possibly physical harm to the person, to which the Heroes may be asked to assist or prevent (or at least witness too).
Plot Hook 3:The Heroes are witness to a rather heated conflict between the person and superior.
Plot Hook 4:The person has got it wrong, but requests the heroes help to try and make it otherwise.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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