Core Concept:Leader
Appearance:Well kept, professionally but modestly dressed, confident.
Personality:Stoic, private, inspirational.
Family:Their family was destroyed violently.
Friends:The close circle of friends have their own addenda, often contrary to the Person's, and spend much of their time undermining the Persons' work. The Person believes in them a bit too blindly.
Enemies:A just authority whom the Person believes to be either unjust or unlawful.
Formative Exp:From a wealthy family that was destroyed violently.
Party Ties:The person is seeking the Heroes for use, first as tools, latter as advisors.
Fears/Dreams:Of a better world, possibly without the Enemy. Certainly with the Enemy's plans/polices diminished or removed.
Hobbies/Interests:Carousing with friends.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The actions of close friends are unknowable to him and will not hear of ill of them.
History:The person's rage against the Enemy has been growing for a long time, and has finally come to a head. The Enemy is believed by the person to be ultimately responsible for the demise of their family.
Home:Transitory until the issues with the Enemy are resolved.
Relationships:Those that are not friends are tools to the goal. Those who will not be tools are either irrelevant or Enemies.
Agendas:Agitation against the Authority, dissolution of the authority's power and influence.
Motivation:A possibly misguided sense of Justice, and a belief that the Authority can only be changed through destruction.
Plot Hook 1:The person is convinced of the need of the Heroes or their possessions. The person will be surprised if the request is rebuked, and may take further, more extreme actions to force compliance with the request.
Plot Hook 2:The Authority requests assistance in dealing with the person.
Plot Hook 3:A chance meeting with the person, while traveling, results in interaction between the person and the Heroes. The agent for the Authority becomes involved as some point.
Plot Hook 4:A third person requests assistance from the Heroes in reconciling the differences between the Authority and the Person.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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