Core Concept:Maimed Fighter
Appearance:Noticeably disabled, dressed in ill-fitting second hand clothes, well kept as possible.
Personality:Optimistic and outgoing. They try to be a friend to everyone.
Family:The spouse is happy to have the person alive, but is dissatisfied with the current economic situation.
Friends:Eight of Swords: Relaxation, new beginnings possible, freedom
Enemies:Anyone who enables combat and the vanquishing enemies.
Formative Exp:A third person recued and assisted greatly in this person's recovery.
Party Ties:This person may be the former henchman of an opponent to the Heroes.
Fears/Dreams:Fears Betrayal, Desires to be left alone by their former combat companions.
Hobbies/Interests:Learning and teaching, through those, come peace.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:Cannot stand warmongers and hawks, is now denies the fact that there are times when armed struggle is required.
History:The persons own inaction in combat resulted in their current condition and the alienation of former cohorts.
Home:The spouse wishes to better the situation, but the person is unwilling to return to their former career even though it would be much more profitable than what they are currently doing.
Relationships:Generous, and helpful, but abhors those that are violent or promote violence.
Agendas:To stop the coming war, and end the current one.
Motivation: The disability has caused hardship, and wants to prevent others from suffering the same fate (or worse).
Plot Hook 1:The Heroes encounter this person lambasting some hawks in a public forum.
Plot Hook 2:This person is without wealth and seeks the Heroes' assistance in alleviating the problem.
Plot Hook 3:The person is active in a situation in which their disability is unusually pronounced, the heroes may be asked to assist (or hinder) by a third person.
Plot Hook 4:In desperation the person has partially rejoined their former career, but will not react with violence, which may cause problems.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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