Core Concept:Corrupted, spendthrift Authority
Appearance:Fashionable clothes that are a bit dated, well kept appearance gone just a bit "Shaggy". They are attractive but "haggard/tired" looking.
Personality:False genuinely, quickly shifts to slyness and conniving.
Family:Broken, discordant, and failing on all fronts.
Friends:None, actions of the person has alienated all former friends.
Enemies:Professional rivals wish harm to this person.
Formative Exp:The person was mostly honest until a recent extortion pushed their financial and home state into ruin.
Party Ties:This person has some authority over the Heroes.
Fears/Dreams:Ruin is their greatest fear, followed closely by exposure. This person has vague dreams of a return to their prior state and status.
Hobbies/Interests:Watching Idol, decadent, vacuous entertainment.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:This person cannot see beyond the immediate situation/crisis. They cannot tolerate dishonesty in others.
History:There was a time when this person was more successful, more honest, but the extortion and ruin has left very deep scars personally and professionally.
Home:A new, possibly romantic relationship has started for the person.
Relationships:Cautious, controlled, and planned.
Agendas:To restore status, by most any means possible.
Motivation:Greed and the fear of further loss drive this person.
Plot Hook 1:The person wishes to change, come clean, and needs the Hero's assistance in minimizing the damage.
Plot Hook 2:This person sees the Heroes as a tool to improve their status and will recruit their assistance by almost any means.
Plot Hook 3:The person needs the Heroes assistance removing evidence of wrong doing that a third party has. The payoff for the heroes may be hollow and unsatisfying.
Plot Hook 4:The persons' new romantic interest has doubts about the person and illicit the help of the heroes in confirming their suspicions. The romantic interest may then need the Heroes protection from the wrath of the person.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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