Core Concept:A romantic.
Appearance:Youthful, educated, and evocatively dressed.
Personality:Is searching for "Love" in all the wrong ways, shallow, outgoing, has many romantic partners, yet is uncommitted to any of them. They get bored easily.
Family:Parents are dead, and no siblings.
Friends:Aside from the many romantic interest, their only distant friends are co-workers and ephemeral routine acquaintances.
Enemies:The person has innumerable former romantic interests who all feel hurt by the alienation of affection by this person.
Formative Exp:Experienced overwhelming love at too early an age, it ended tragically and finally which has left them to try and replicate the experience throughout their life.
Party Ties:This person may well have been a romantic interest to one of the Heroes at an earlier time, but their faithlessness cause the Hero emotional harm.
Fears/Dreams:Fears that they will never find "True Love".
Hobbies/Interests:Sensuality in all forms. They are a talented Amateur artist.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The negative emotional state of a partner is unknowable to the person. An insistence on fatefulness will cause the person to attempt to alienate the partner.
History:The person does still have a few former romantic interests that will look out for the person if asked. Though most never want to see the person again. A few wish the person harm. Two are taking action to cause harm.
Home:A very nice dwelling filled with all thing beautiful, many of which were either gifts from, or taken from former romantic partners.
Relationships:For the newly formed romantic relationship, that person is treated and indulged grandly. As the relationship ages the fire burns quickly and is soon extinguished, and can end very badly. Casual friends are kept light and fun.
Agendas:To gain beautiful things to add to the person's collection regardless the cost; To find "True Love" regardless the cost.
Motivation:The person is seeking the Romantic ideal of "True Love" as often and as frequently as possible, Without regard for others. With each failure, the drive becomes stronger, the next relationship more intense, shorter, and the disillusionment more severe.
Plot Hook 1:A hero is becomes the next focus of the person.
Plot Hook 2:A former romantic partner tries to involve the HEROS in a plot to cause the person some degree of harm.
Plot Hook 3:A current romantic interest believes that one or more of the HEROS is the target of the person's romantic interest and is intent upon preventing that from happening.
Plot Hook 4:The person needs protection from one or more former romantic interests who cannot let go.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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