Core Concept:Negotiator
Appearance:Attractive, well spoken, and dressed professionally.
Personality:Calm, collected but uncreative.
Family:This person has no family, either through loss or such great distance that they are irrelevant to the person.
Friends:Leaders respect and consider this person to be their friend.
Enemies:Agents for a third party, who wishes failure in the negotiations, has infiltrated the upper echelons of one or both of the parties.
Formative Exp:The successful, brokering of a sudden deal between two three parties gave the person a sense of grate fulfillment, not to mention many accolades.
Party Ties:The heroes may be the parties, or agents of an interested party involved in negotiations.
Fears/Dreams:The person is always concerned that the current deal may not come to fruition, that all the effort will be wasted.
Hobbies/Interests:The person collects small thumb sized figurines of children.
Blind spots/Breaking Points:The person cannot perceive interested parties who are not actively involved in negotiations. While this hasn't been a problem so far…
History:This person has been very successful in their dealing up to this point, though currently they may be in over their head.
Home:Their current dwelling is nicely appointed, but there is a small hidden shrine to the figurines.
Relationships:The person's relationships have failed due to their faulty belief that all subjects are open to negotiation.
Agendas:Successfully resolve the current situation and move on to the next assignment.
Motivation:The person honestly wants to make the situation right in the minds of all parties.
Plot Hook 1:The negotiations have nearly completed, however not all third parties are happy at the outcome, and thus wish harm to the person so that the negotiations will be hampered.
Plot Hook 2:A third party wishes to have the heroes to impart some bias upon the person, weather through bribes, harm, or extortion.
Plot Hook 3:A member of the person's distant family has come to distract the person, and the heroes are asked to assist.
Plot Hook 4:A fourth party sees the potential for great gain and is trying to involve it's self both privately and publicly in the current negotiations.
Generated using a custom tarot dealing script based upon the suggestion spreads Errant Dreams as a creativity tool.

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